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Dreaming about funerals

  • Dreaming of a funeral is a sign of illness and imprisonment.
  • Dreaming of participating in a funeral of your relative indicates that you will attending someone else's wedding or other festive events.
  • Dreaming of participating in a funeral indicates that everything will go well.
  • Dreaming of being passed by the hearse indicates better luck for wealth, you will reduce the unnecessary, you can use your pocket money in a planned way.
  • Dreaming of the corpse burning indicates that you will have good luck for learning.
  • Dreaming of seeing dead people and crying indicates that there is no way to make the expected things come true.
  • Dreaming of burying indicates good luck. 
  • Dreaming of burying without coffin indicates a disaster.
  • Dreaming of burying a dead man indicates that your life and property will be protected.
  • An adult dreams of burying a dead man indicates that the dreamer still needs to pay attention to kidney disease, you'd better control the drinking and exercise, do not consume too much.
  • Dreaming of participating in your friend's funeral indicates that you are very concerned and worred about your friend, you think that some of his practices are not very good. You may also have a gap with your friend.
  • A pregnant woman dreams of participating in a funeral indicates that her fetus is healthy, if she feels not good, she'd better have a physical examination.
  • A new comer dreams of a funeral indicates that the dreamer will encounter a lot of changes at work, it is better to try to adapt it, it is difficult to adhere to the consistent position or plans.
  • Dreaming of hearing the funeral's cries indicates good news.
  • Dreaming of a funeral team indicates good luck for wealth. Dreaming of standing in the funeral team indicates that you will live happily and all wishes will come true.