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Dreaming about gates

We frequently can not see the road ahead, it seems that we are separated by a gate. The gate in the dream means the unknown future.

  • To dream of the gate being closed means that success is right in front of you.
  • To dream of the gate being open means that you need to continue to work hard, success is still very far away.
  • To dream of knocking at the gate means good luck.
  • To dream of being tripped over the threshold means a great danger will hang over you, you'd better be careful.
  • To dream of the gate being covered with all kinds of decorations means that business is booming.
  • To dream of the gate is on fire means that the dreamer's condition will grow worse, the dreamer is likely to die. 
  • To dream of the iron gate means that you will struggle for survival endlessly.
  • To dream of the heavily armed soldiers guarding the gate means that you will serve in the military department.
  • To dream of trying to enter the gate but being stopped by the guard means that you will be unsatisfactory.
  • A pregnant woman dreams of entering the gate without being blocked means that she will give birth to a boy successfully.
  • To dream of the door falling down or broken means a disaster.