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Dreaming about glasses

To dream of glasses indicates that you have a new understanding of yourself, you will be more sure and careful in arranging everything, you can succeed more easily.

  • To dream of wearing glasses reminds you to pay attention to things around you. Don't be confused by the appearance of things, do not be too impulsive.
  • To dream of your glasses being broken indicates that you may have encountered some difficulties in learning and work, so you really need help.
  • A patient dreams of glasses indicates that the condition is more or less complicated, it is difficult to solve within a short time and the dreamer may need long-term treatment.
  • To dream of looking for glasses everywhere indicates that you will get some unexpected gains from friends, which may be able to solve your current dilemma
  • A businessman dreams of glasses indicates that he may have some problems in business and needs to find the reasons from the inside.
  • To dream of buying glasses indicates that you will make progress in plans.
  • To dream of changing new spectacle glasses indicates that your opinion about something may be wrong, you'd better change a new point of view.
  • To dream of wearing black glasses indicates that you will be very edgy recently, you may  have ill luck.