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Dreaming of Insects

  • To dream of insects indicates that you are afraid of insects. If you do not often dream of the whole body being covered with insects, then this dream indicates that a lot of people will rely on you to survive, that is you have leadership talent.
  • To dream of insects symbolizes your shortcomings and troubles.
  • To dream of insects coming out from your body indicates that you've found your shortcomings and troubles, maybe you will encounter troubles and worry about your health, you may also get into trouble on the transaction.
  • To dream of insects climbing out from your face represents troubles that you will encounter in your image.
  • To deam of insects biting you indicates that you will encounter obstacles indicates that you are experiencing certain pain emotionally or physically no matter what kind of insects in the dream.
  • To dream of insects in your hair indicates that some hidden issues that are difficult to find are usually the symbols of suffering, you have to pay attention to those unaware details.