Dream of beans

Dream that the bean owner is harmonious and gets along well with others.

Dream of buying long beans, which indicates the increase of friendship and luck, and will make new friends.

Dream of planting beans and achieving a bumper harvest. Pay more attention in communication and avoid making duplicity friends.

Dream of picking beans, good omen, indicates that life will be happy.

Dream of peeling beans indicates that you will make loyal friends.

Dream of eating beans, the body will be very healthy; Dream of eating long beans, will get a good friend's sincere friendship.

Dream of a lot of beans, there will be good news.

Dream of stealing beans, travel will be comfortable and career will be successful.

Different people dream of beans

Pregnant women dream of beans, which indicates that they will have boys in the future, and the baby will grow healthily, which is a good omen.

The patient dreamed of eating beans and his body would recover soon.

Businessmen dream of stealing beans. The owner's wealth has fluctuated recently.

Students dream of stealing beans, which indicates good test results, but they must continue to work hard.

Donkey friends dream of stealing beans. If the Master goes out for a trip, a short trip can be, but not a long trip.

The old man dreamed of stealing beans in the field, which means he can travel and play.

Singles dream of stealing beans from the field, suggesting that there are many storms on your love road. Be careful.

Candidates dream of going to the field to steal beans, which indicates that the test results fluctuate little.