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Dreaming about owls

  • To dream of owls is a bad omen, the dreamer may lose his/her child.  
  • An unmarried man dreams of owls indicates that he will marry an aggressive wife.
  • A married woman dreams of owls indicates that she will be worried about her husband's illness. 
  • An unmarried woman dreams of owls indicates that she will marry into the lower family.
  • To dream of the owl falling on your own roof crying indicates that the dreamer's family will be broken up and decimated.
  • To dream of the owl flying over your head indicates that the dreamer will pass away.
  • To dream of beating the owl indicates that you can remove all obstacles at work.
  • To dream of getting owl meat to the enemy indicates that the enemy will be destroyed.
  • To dream of the owl's cry being very harsh indicates that the family will be seriously ill. 
  • A prisoner dreams of the owl flying toward you indicates that the dreamer will be sentenced to life imprisonment.
  • To dream of catching owls indicates that you are able to win the lawsuit.