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Dreaming about pregnancy or pregnant women

Zhougong Dream Dictionary

  • Dreaming about pregnancy indicates increase in population and wealth.
  • A man dreams of his wife being pregnant indicates that he will have a windfall.
  • A woman dreams of being pregnant indicates that her husband will make a big fortune soon.
  • A woman dreams of a man being pregnant indicates that he took up the responsibility of supporting her life.
  • To dream of a pregnant woman indicates that everything goes very well, you will also have good luck for wealth.
  • To dream of a friend being pregnant indicates that she will be pregnant soon.

Psychology Dream Dictionary

Most people think that only the pregnant women or those married women who want to have children will have such a dream. It is not necessarily in fact. We find that many young girls or old people also have such kind of dream. 

1. Young girls dream of being pregnant

A girl not yet in love dreams of being pregnant, if she is happy in the dream, then it indicates that she really wants to be happy in love; if she is unhappy, it indicates that she will get into trouble recently.

A girl in love dreams of being pregnant, if she is happy in the dream, then it indicates that she will be happier and happier; if she is unhappy, it reminds her to examine her lifestyle.

2. Women dream of being pregnant

A married woman who has not been pregnant for many years dreams of being pregnant means that "One dreams at night what one thinks in the day." She'd better relax herself because it is bad to be too nervous for pregnancy.

A woman with a child dreams of being pregnant has two interpretations: On one hand, she is very happy now. On the other hand, she‘d like to be back to the time when she was married probably because of the negligence of her husband.

3. Men or old people dream of being pregnant

On one hand, such a dream is related with the birth of a child in reality. On the other hand, it also conveys some of their own desires. Such as: an old woman dreams that she gave birth to a boy happily, her daughter is ready to have children in hospital in reality, this dream seems to be related with her daughter's delivery, but it also expresses her own desire.

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