What constellations are most favored by women?


Some people say that men are not bad women do not love, the play boys will be more lovable to women. Maybe they are usually glib and quick-tongued in argument, and will pay women's favor. And  there are so many "silly women" like to listen to the rhetoric of men, they are grateful to listen to sweet lie. Let's find out that what constellations are most favored by women.

Top3: Scorpio Men

Scorpio men are not fickle in love, they are the sexiest among 12 constellations. Their personalities are very deep, sentimental, like to be self-centered, also very stubborn. Scorpio men were born with a sense of mystery, they look gentle and elegant and reticent from appearance, In fact, their inner feelings are very rich. They are cold outside and hot inside. They usually are brave to love and hate, if they liked someone, regardless of the other's conditions, they will pay all efforts to aggressively pursue, and never give up. Scorpio men have mystical qualities of the water sign, they have the sense of responsibility, toughness, brains, they are both gentle and considerate, so they are easy to be favored by women.

TOP2: Gemini men

Compared to the Scorpio men, Gemini men are outgoing, they have the typical characteristics of the wind sign. They are responsive with flexible mind, articulate, and get many women's favor. Gemini men the famous play boys, the masters of love. Their feelings come and go very quickly, but some women also like them, probably they are perplexed by the sweet words, these women like to contact with them, and feel happy to be together with them. They can always arise women's desire to conquer.

Top1:Sagittarius men

Sagittarius is guarded by Zeus, the king of the gods of the universe. They are well-known for free, funny, fickle, they were born to be the great lovers. They have the best popularity with the opposite sex among the 12 constellations. Sagittarius boys usually look handsome, romantic and sentimental with philosophical speech, they also have a fire sign's passion and uninhibited freedom. They are the Prince Charming of a lot of girls. They are very fickle before finding true love and shuttle between different women. It is difficult to catch Sagittarius men's hearts. Once they encountered the cherished object, they will become loyal and affectionate, but the girl must be so attractive.