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Dreaming about women

Oriental Dream Interpretations of the dreams of women

  • To dream of a group of women indicates that you are very happy.
  • To dream of a blond woman indicates that all the promises will be very good for you and make you very happy.
  • A man dreams of a woman sometimes is a representation of sexual desire, sometimes it's possible to show a relationship between he and his mother, he'd better strengthen the ability to be independent.
  • To dream of going with a strang woman reminds you to beware of your property and money.
  • To dream of going with a familiar woman ambiguously indicates that your personal life may not be too strict, you'd better be careful otherwise it may affect your reputation.
  • To dream of a very charming and coquettish, frivolous woman indicates that you may need to deal with a very cunning enemy. If you killed her in the dream indicates that you will realize your desire.
  • A young woman dreams of being very frivolous and coquettish indicates that she feels potentially dangerous or sexual anxiety, she wants to get a man's protection.
  • To dream of a beautiful young woman represents your idealized femininity and expresses your desire for this kind of ideal image.
  • To dream of a woman with long dark hair, blue eyes and a flat nose means that you will declare to quit a possible winning game. To dream of a woman with a prominent nose and brown eyes indicates that you are deceived by sweet talk and are engaged in a dangerous speculation. To dream of a woman with auburn hair indicates that you will be more worried.

Psychology Dream Interpretations of the dreams of women

  • Sometimes the woman in a man's dream simply expresses his desire, the recurring erotic dream shows that his interest and moral emotion are still in the primary stage of development. 
  • The woman in a man's dream sometimes represents his mother. It is worth noting that he valued his response to her or what she said in the dream. If the woman in the dream is negative, then he'd better not have too close relationship with his mother, which is the premise of his independence.
  • The woman in a man's dream sometimes represents his female image. This woman may be friendly or dangerous. A friendly woman means that his female image wants to let him know the overlooked component, while a dangerous woman means that she wants him to go astray. 
  • If a man dreams of making love with a familiar woman, then this woman symbolizes his sexual desire or the projection of your female image. If it is the latter case, it indicates that he should have relationship with his idealized female than general female.