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Dreaming About Shrimps

In a dream, fish and shrimps represent money. To dream of fish or shrimps indicates that you will get much money.

  • To dream of shrimps swimming in the water means that you will be successful in career. Although you can't make a lot of money at the moment, there is always a small profit.
  • To dream of eating delicious cooked shrimps means that you can not make both ends meets.
  • To dream of shrimping indicates that you will have good luck for wealth.
  • To dream of a bunch of shrimps jumping indicates that there will be small good news making you happy.
  • To dream of the shrimps turning into fish indicates that you will lose property.
  • A businessman dreams of shrimps indicates that you will make a fortune.
  • A pregnant woman dreams of big lobster indicates that she will give birth to a daughter.

Zhougong Dream Dictionary

  • To dream of shrimps indicates ill luck. 
  • To dream of freshwater shrimps indicates that you should give your best.
  • To dream of red shrimps indicates that you will be dead drunk.