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Dreaming about Skeleton

A skeleton in the dream indicates the basic framework of an idea or concept. The dreamer have to face the problem of death, so the skeleton in a dream may indicate the "unfulfilled" feelings or talents that the dreamer lost. The skeleton in a dream indicates that the dreamer should consider abstinence as a means of achieving full development on the spiritual level.

  • Dreaming of skeleton indicates that your hidden secrets of your heart are revealed.
  • Dreaming of a dancing skeleton indicates that you understand your vitality.
  • Dreaming of digging out a skeleton indicates that you've dug up the past buried things in your subconsciousness.
  • Dreaming of looking at or holding your lover's skeleton indicates that you feel your lover gives you a great sense of uncertainty, as if he'll leave you at any time, now you are very insecure, in this circumstance you may has such a dream.
  • Dreaming of a pile of skulls around you indicates that you feel panic in heart, some problems have occurred in your relationship and you are unwilling to communicate with others.
  • Dreaming of skull indicates that you will try in vain in the near future. This dream is also telling you that you're too short of action, only talk and not to act. You'd better improve yourself.