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Dreaming about skirts

  • To dream of wearing a skirt means that you want to show your femininity.
  • A married woman dreams of wearing a skirt means that her husband is very concerned about her, they are devoted to each other and live a happy life.
  • An unmarried woman dreams of wearing a skirt means on the one hand that she is very popular, she may soon find your true love; on the other hand, it may also indicate that she wants to arouse the attention of her sweetheart.In addition. A woman dreams of wearing a thin skirt or taking off the skirt is also a symbol of sexual desire.
  • A woman dreams of a man wearing a woman's skirt means that she may be very dissatisfied with t practice of some men around her.
  • To dream of the red skirt indicates you will have good luck for love, you will get married.
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