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To find out how much wealth you will have by sun line of Palmistry

In palmistry school, the position of the index finger protruding roots are called Wealth Palace, this position can be seen through a person's wealth situation. In addition to Wealth Palace, there is a position of wealth can also see how much this is the sun line. The trend line of the sun, usually you can see how much wealth you have this life, a class to which they belong.

As long as you were on the map, it is easy to find your sun line, is located in the root of the ring finger, and the piece has been down stretched longitudinally extending lines. Can you have a very great wealth, most of it when Hou play a significant role. Even if your house of money on hand long in general, but if the sun line health is good, as you can have good fortune.

First, well-off

When your hand sun line extending down, from the ring finger root has been extended to emotions , this suggests that you can reach the wealth of the general state of well-off, such as a car and house, there are certain deposits. Better than some, worse than others, is this a different situation.

Second, the small rich

To achieve small rich state, except in the house of money palmistry looks to be full, the sun lines are also better than the first case above, "further" to do so. That is the root of the sun line has been down from the ring finger extended, and to pass through the emotions, it shows your lifetime, we can have good luck , or good fortune, can achieve little wealth level. Such people generally start around from thirty-year-old, will gradually usher in life career heights.

Third, in the middle of rich

And there are two situations: First, after the sun line through the emotions, but also extends to the second bend Mars Hill; Second sun line through the emotions, it can extend to the moon mound four weeks. Meets any one of these two cases show that you can achieve in life's rich wealth level, there will be more lucrative wealth.

Fourth, very rich

In real life are just a few of the people rich, so rich person palmistry is certainly rare. Such as only when the sun line has been extended by the ring finger down roots or near the intersection with the lifeline, the only possible life rich. This situation rarely, because most people would not be so long the sun line.