See through Aquarius by Sun, Moon and Venus


In astrology, the sun represents vitality and creativity. The position of the sun in everyone's chart represents a person's external performance and attention. The moon represents emotional reactions and living habits, while the position of the moon in the chart represents one's inner feelings and concerns. Venus represents relationships, personal values and things related to beauty. Venus in the chart represents a person's preferences, aesthetic concepts, interpersonal relationships and money concepts.

By analyzing the constellations of the sun, moon and Venus in the chart, one's character, preference and destiny are ready to come out. Let's take a look at the characteristics of sun Aquarius.

Tip: first look at your own moon constellation, and then find your own Venus constellation from the corresponding moon constellation. Fire sign: Aries / lion / Sagittarius; Earth signs: Taurus / Virgo / Capricorn; Wind sign: Gemini / Libra / Aquarius; Water sign: cancer / Scorpio / Pisces.

Based on national conditions, the number of children can be ignored, and this is one or another context. It doesn't mean that you have to wait for death if you die accidentally. Please understand astrology correctly.

1、 Sun Aquarius girl

1. Moon fire Aquarius woman

Venus fire phase: Frank, ambitious, adventurous, can be engaged in the same kind of work for a long time, high divorce rate or widowhood, suitable for the teaching profession and good-looking.

Venus Earth: good at socializing, love travel, love literature, cultivated, kind, marriage can often grow old together, emotional, super sensitive, good at making money, beautiful and have a sense of family responsibility, but there may be problems in childbirth or miscarriage.

Venus water phase: privacy, unhappy childhood and disharmonious relationship with mother.

Venus wind: many lovers, privacy, possible divorce, sexual dysfunction or like SM, or extremely addicted to sex, easy to panic, possible widowhood, independent personality.

2. Moon earth Aquarius woman

Venus fire phase: marriage is not long-term, coquettish affairs, good agreement, capable and ambitious, only child, interpersonal relationships are always full of pressure and like astrology.

Venus Earth: marriage lasts for a long time and is meaningful. It is incompatible with its mother, may be short-lived, and likes astrology.

Venus water phase: extroverted, talkative, frank, tense marital relations, domestic violence, careful partners, intelligence and wisdom.

An older, more intimate husband with more than two children usually enjoys a single, intimate relationship.

3. Moon water Aquarius woman

Venus fire phase: long-term but stressful marriage, suitable for education.

Venus Earth: independent, easy to forget love, strong principle, suitable for writing and education.

Venus water phase: brave, passionate, highly sensitive, hardworking, realistic, studious, long-term marriage, extramarital affairs, get rich through marriage, usually have a daughter.

Venus wind direction: helpful, suspicious, often child like behavior, short marriage, divorce, usually have a daughter, like astrology.

4. Moon wind Aquarius woman

Venus fire phase: Frank, adventurous, amiable, marriage is mostly a combination of great differences, and children are vulnerable to trauma and miscarriage.

Venus Earth: get money or inheritance through marriage, be independent, have a lot of accidental injuries in childhood, may die, divorce, change names, such as adult names, stage names or nicknames.

Venus water phase: eccentric, much older than her husband, like to be the focus, independent, not very good at housekeeping, may be orphans, may be the product of incest or intermarriage.

Venus wind: quiet as a virgin, active as a rabbit, addicted to alcohol or drugs, positive, emotional, frequent ups and downs, long marriage, widowhood, extramarital affairs.