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Dreaming about tornadoes

Dreaming of tornadoes has the following indications:

  • Fluctuations in emotional heart.
  • Tornado is also a symbol of frangibility, especially the fragile emotional and physical world.
  • Tornado also represents a sense of crisis of something special that you are not willing to experience.
  • You may be surrounded by a person who has a bad temper or an emotional person.

Dreaming of tornadoes indicates that you may recover all that was lost or get good out of misfortune. Do not worry when you encounter something goes wrong, you'd better cheer up, everything will be better! On the other hand, it may indicate that you will regain the lost friends, or some guests will come to visit you.

Dreaming of hurricane or tornadoes destructing houses or sweeping cars into the air indicates that you may lack a sense of security recently, your mind and body are fully aware of the fragility of the material world, or you feel that something bad are going to happen around you subconsciously.

Dreaming of a tornado when you are sick is ominous, your condition may worsen or repeat.

Dreaming of being trapped in a tornado indicates that your scheme to get rich quickly will fall by the wayside, thus giving you the blow of despair and confusion.

A businessman dreams of tornadoes indicates that he should be careful in business because he may encounter unexpected setbacks in business. Don't risk recently.