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Dreaming about transportation

  • To dream of sitting on the advanced train indicates bad luck in making friends. Your too strong sense of competition will make people turn away from you. This phenomenon is particularly evident especially after the examination, it is necessary for you to have reflection.
  • To dream of the train passing through the tunnel indicates that you will realize your desire. You can probably get what you want, even the expensive things.
  • To dream of the train climbing up the steep slope indicates something wrong in health, you'd better pay special attention to "secret trouble." You should be broad-minded.
  • To dream of getting a small reward for helping with the housework means that you get along with families very well. 
  • To dream of sitting on a tram traveling between buildings indicates that you will be busy in life. You will be commissioned and run around, however you will be very happy.
  • To dream of the train you are sitting on having an accident indicates that the interpersonal relations will worsen. You may also easily be misunderstood by neighbors, do not be too casual in daily life.
  • To dream of taking a plane indicates that you will study rather good cademically, especially in music, art and other skills. It is a good time to practise your spoken English.
  • To dream of driving a car indicates that you will have mental problems due to a smoldering tension. You should choose a holiday to go hiking with a few good friends.
  • To dream of hitchhiking indicates some problems in sexually. You will be subject to the temptation of a forbidden fruit. The only way to avoid this situation is to break with the other. You must not stoop.
  • To dream of looking down from an airplane window indicates bad luck for love .
  • To dream of traveling by steamer at sea indicates good luck in making friends, you will make new friends and get a lot of knowledge, you will have a very full.
  • To dream of boating in a pond or lake indicates that you will be lucky to draw lots, you can take part in actively.