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Dreaming of Drowning

Water usually represents human emotions. If water brings you danger in the dream, which means that you will fall into some depressed emotional life, or you will be under the control of bad emotions.Therefore, dreaming of drowning implies that you will have to bear too much responsibility and can not afford to breathe, and this pressure will make you feel suffocated and nervous.

If you reached drowned position in the dream, or your life is in danger, then the dream reminds you that you may suffer a great loss in real life, such as the loss of property, loss of power and status. And subconsciously, you have a hunch that you're going to be in great danger. In addition, this dream reflects that you are in a dilemma, thus causing anxiety, tension and fear. To dream of being timely rescued when you are drowning suggests that you can break through the current predicament.

People who have health problems dream of being flooded indicates that it is very likely to have a relapse, especially people with allergic constitution or people have had nephritis should be especially careful.

Other interpretations of drowning

  • To dream of being flooded indicates that disaster will strike. To dream of being rescued when you're going to be drowned indicates that you will ease the disaster to varying degrees.with the help of others.
  • To dream of drowning means that you will become anxious because you will quarrel with friends or people you like, or you will be betrayed by your friends.
  • To dream of others drowning indicates that there will be bad news.
  • To dream that you are flooded and couldn't breathe means that you might have a respiratory tract disease.
  • To dream of the people whom you love drowning means that they may have involved in some possible adverse events and lost their balance. They might have bad luck.