Dream of a child drowning


Dreaming of a child drowning indicates that the child will encounter difficulties.

Dreaming that the child was saved when he drowned indicates that the child will get help from others.

Dream of children falling into the water, friends will have an upward trend. The friendship with every friend will deepen day by day to ensure that you have a happy day.

Dream of children falling into the water, disaster is imminent, pay more attention to physical problems.

Dream of your child drowning, the atmosphere of communication becomes warm, and it is easier to succeed in the way you are best at.

Dream of a little boy drowning, health will have some twists and turns. Happily went to a disco with friends, but he hurt his waist because of his bravado & hellip& hellip; This may happen. Therefore, everything should be enough.

It's easy to cry because of a touching little scene when you dream that your child drowned and died.

Different people dream of their children drowning

If middle-aged and elderly people dream that children fall into the water, you still need to pay attention to the injury of small parts such as fingers and toes. In addition, endocrine disorders may occur. It is suggested that everything should be relaxed, which is good for the body.

Divorced and widowed people dream that the little boy is drowning and wants to go away. Everything will be safe. Don't worry.