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Dreaming of fishing

  • Dreaming of fishing indicates that you are living a good life because fishing is a leisure and entertainment. Dreaming of fishing is a process is a waiting. Fishing is also meant to lure, fraud is also known as fishing, generally refers to a network fraud. For example, someone makes a false website to entice you to use your important account to log in, and steals your important data after recording your account.
  • An unmarried young person dreams of fishing indicates that the dreamer is looking for true love or is in the pursuit of progress.
  • A businessman dreams of fishing indicates that he is looking for opportunities and partners to maximize the benefits.
  • A pregnant woman dreams of fishing indicates that she will give birth to a healthy and cute baby.
  • Dreaming of failing in catching a fish indicates that you worry about something, you are not quiet sure for many things. But if you can try, or you will succeed, if you do nothing, you'll never succeed.