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The palmistry - head line

M: left hand, female: right hand.

Head line: about the lifeline starting from the same site, that is, toward the horizontal direction or and slightly oblique under the line of the long-term. Wisdom line is not only able to show the level of knowledge, but also to the performance of the pros and cons of the reasoning power and intuition mind. This line is the performance characteristics of the lines.

  • Line is clear and deep wisdom, which means that go all the spirit of things. Of course, depending on the degree of effort to get fame and wealth, but if it is the effect, then, sometimes fall into the trap of people.
  • Wisdom cord is too short, the main to poor, always stand in the lowest level of society, said child poverty have no one to depend on to live.
  • Wisdom line is too long, which means that all self-centered to think, act. Due to over-confidence, will inevitably provoke failure.
  • The wisdom line disordered person, the main complex thoughts, life skills and the lack of regularity and organizational. So frequently troubled troubled.
  • Wisdom the first half of the line is very straight horizontal line, the latter half into the next ramp and terminate in the upper part of the lunar mound, the main forethought and practice to.
  • The wisdom line end of the fork, the fork, the main determination slow. If the fork, then it can be used as dual wisdom of the line of view.
  • Wisdom line is very close to the lifeline, and starting from the wisdom of the upper line, the main full of confidence, and has resisted the force, will be able to be successful as long as the brave and enterprising.
  • Wisdom line and the starting point of the lifeline interval far wisdom line, the main whims, lack of self-control. Is also the most common phase in the juvenile delinquent.
  • Wisdom chain-like or wavy line, low energy, poor memory, and frequent headaches.
  • Wisdom line starting from the lifeline of the departure point below the main common sense, and has planned, but the impulse to easily for Zhimaxiaoshi also preoccupied, and guts, careful and meticulous to do things, there is no way to give full play to their capabilities.
  • Wisdom line extending horizontally to the Mercury Hill, the main strong-willed, not afraid of any difficulties. Sociable entertainment at the same time, so the chances of success.
  • Parallel with the lifeline l, and through the the lifeline extended wrist wisdom of line, the master caution cowardly, temperament, personality are sad, so easily suffer from neurosis.
  • Wisdom line of Extension, and upward, the master mind sharp, brave and wise, for business and engaged in a profit-seeking enterprise.
  • Wisdom end of the line, divided into three extensions, the main Wen Yacheng name. Of course, full of enthusiasm, but lack of stability.
  • Extension extends to the wisdom of Jupiter Hill, which means that the desire to dominate, fame and desire to rights, so frequently show full of vitality, bravely straight off the positive personality.
  • Branch line extended to the the wisdom line between the index and middle fingers, the main smart, but aim too high and unrealistic, by frequently give rise to evil.
  • Extension extends to the wisdom of Sun Hill line, the main superior talent toward the development of arts, will be able to succeed in the future.
  • Extension of a lot of wisdom line, which means that many talents, is versatile.
  • Wisdom end of the line there is a lot of Extension, hinted that it would suffer sudden disease disaster attacks, it is usually necessary to progress alert.
  • The wisdom of the end of the line really a upper part of a parallel line, which means that the more optimistic view of things, and has a dual personality.
  • Wisdom end of the line, there is a parallel line, the main pessimistic view of things, and has a dual personality.
  • Of wisdom end of the line, a number of parallel lines, the main cautious worry, lack of coordination, with a sad character.
  • Wisdom online again in a short, clear cross-sectional lines, the main people will be enthusiastic about a certain matter.
  • The wisdom line significantly interrupted, the main middle-aged is liable to be encountered sudden disease disaster, and even death.
  • Wisdom online several transversal, the main mood of restlessness, nervousness, and easily suffered psychological blows.
  • Wisdom interrupt line connected within three centimeters, the main head will cause some obstacle or implied head injuries.
  • Wisdom intermittent line and broken low energy, lack of thinking, not assertive, without emphasis on credibility.
  • The wisdom line connection from the dotted line, the main negative, weakness, lack of intelligence.
  • The smart line transection palm of your hand, and no emotions, also known as "palm". This type of person has wealth, but for most of life is not stable, so usually should be extra cautious.
  • Two wisdom of the people, the Lord has a dual personality. That is gentle and sensitive, bold and brave brave brave brave brave brave brave brave brave brave brave brave and cool combination. Women, of course, absolutely clever, but it is difficult to become a wife and mother, if toward professional development, will be able to accomplish something.