Hair of physiognomy

The traditional Chinese medicine believes that hair is more than blood, it is the kidney essence. By parity of reasoning, hair comes from innate father's essence and mother's blood. We can ascertain the fate and physical health from hair, so hair is a very important part in physiognomy.

1. Thick hair

If the hair is thick and hard as bristles, the people may be stubborn and arrogant, love to excel others, built like a castle, frank and impatient, treat people sincerely, upright and honest, respected by others. This kind of people will get ancestral wealth, do not care about food, easily offend people, easily deceived by others, can not get wife's care. The will always put other people's interest before their own, they will be open and aboveboard, do not play cleverness. They will be very good friends in adversity.

2. Fine hair

Fine hair means the people will be affectionate, careful, patient, gentle, elegant, weak, respect the old and love the young. They will be very scheming.

3. Dense hair

Dense hair means the people may live a dopey lifetime. They will not be assertive. They will work thoroughly, work hard, stubborn. Although they may be very ambitious, but it is difficult to meet their desires. They will always be a cat's paw. They will have many children and the children must be very promising. They will also be very organized, smart, know how to play their strengths. They must have lofty ideals and aspirations, they will be the typical career talents.

4. Thin hair

Thin hair means the people will be clever, talented in literature, uplooking, capable of distinguishing between good and bad, careful in words, shrewd, scheming, ideaed, filled with misgiving and fear, popular. They may have less offspring, more worries, easy to be single, bad sign for the wife or husband. They will arrange everything very carefully, but lack of spirit and forgiving heart.

 5. Straight hair

Straight hair means the people may be straightforward, marry good wife, can not get help from parents, worry a lot, live a hard life. It is difficult to have a prospering family.

6. Curved hair (naturally)

Curved hair means the people will have a wise son, they will be docile, have way to get better off, not old-fashioned, worry about children, have a virtuous wife, start something from scratch and be blessed with many children. Also they will generally have a strong personality, like to express themselves, bring unexpected surprises to others frequently.

7. Hard fat

If the hair is thick and hard, the people must be blessed. They will be brave, upright, stubborn, strong, full of energy, unambitious, go through fire and water for their country. They will be people of honor, observe all rules and regulations, loyal and good. They will also honor their parents, have less children, but they will be very strict with their children.

8. Soft hair

Soft hair means the people will be rich, have good and honest descendants, docile, elegant, weak-willed, pliable. They would like to be peacemaker, not easy to offend people. They will not worry about food and clothes, have a good wife, but easily have bad love luck.

9. Black hair

Black and bright hair means the people will be developed everywhere, able to take advantage of poor people to make contribution, love charity favors, ideaed, have strong sexual desire, easily be attracted by women, have more daughters but less sons, only get woman's blessing but difficult to enjoy children's blessing. They will keep their money and ancestors' meritorious achievements.

10. White hair

White hair means the people may have good official luck, have more sickliness and worries, then live a confused life. They may look contented apparently, but hot-tempered in heart. They will have less children due to deficiency of the kidney, they can keep ancestral property but feel much trouble.

11. Yellow hair

Yellow and dry hair means the people may have heavy internal heat, it is easy to have a funeral, can not get happiness. They will be arrogant, violent, hard to get along well with others. Marital discord, frequent quarrel, spivery or misbehavior.

12. Flower hair (black and brown )

People with this kind of hair may be eccentric, addict themselves to prostitution or gambling, they may be shameless, can not distinguish the good from the bad, regardless of the consequences, eat their head off, muddle along, can not get help from wife, have no lack of children.

13. Dull hair

Healthy human hair will be glossy regardless of its shape, but once the people are caught in an unhealthy state, the hair will gradually lose its luster. In other words, when your hair lose luster, you must be careful of your health.