Physiognomy of good wife

Throughout the ages, when people want to determine a woman's goodness or badness from physiognomy, the jaw, waist, butt and feet are always the best information windows, the most convenient and fastest emotional channel for people, especially men.

First. The lower jaw

The ancient fortune tellers often used "full heaven, squared and round court" to describe a good physiognomy, "heaven" refers to the forehead, and "court " means the lower jaw. "Heaven" is yang and on behalf of male, while "court "is yin and on behalf of female. So if you want to determind a woman's fortune from physiognomy, you can find some informations from the pros and cons of the court.

Since a woman's body has heavier yin-qi, the body is naturally rounded and soft, so the best jaw phase should be round and full. Woman with such a face can be generally quiet, live an easy life in old age and have good luck.

Although it is good for a woman to have an oval face, but the too sharp jaw means the lack of yin-qi, bad marriage and ill luck in old age. If a woman was born with a pair of needle-nose the gills monkey phase, she will not be kind. In addition, if a woman has developed cheek bone, she will more likely to pay attention to her own personal interests, it is difficult to handle relations with her husband's family, especially her parents-in-laws. While a woman with too skinny jawbone will be negative and pessimistic, lack of courage, helpless for her husband's cause. These are not good wife physiognomy.

In addition, a depression below the upper lip and lower lip is called "cheng chiang" acupuncture point in medicine. The ancient physiognomy theory believed that the recessed "cheng chiang" and can allow one digit is the good physiognomy. Woman with this physiognomy must have the more sons, the more blessings, and enjoy family relationships. While a woman with thin and short low jaw and flat "cheng chiang" acupuncture point may die without issue and live a lonely life in old age.

Second. The waist and butt

Nearly everyone is the fortune teller, women like to watch men's physiognomy, men like to watch women's physiognomy, mother-in-law often consciously or unconsciously look at her daughter-in-law from waist and butt if she can have capacity to give birth. The waist and butt of a woman really have a very important biological significance.

In ancient China, the fortune tellers and ordinary people believed that the greater the woman's buttocks, the stronger sexuality and reproductive capacity she has. The finer and softer waist, the more charming she is.

Third. The feet

According to the research of domestic and foreign experts, a woman's feet have the strongest consciousness and concentrated flavor, especially in terms of a man, a woman's feet are the sexiest and most attractive and deadly weapon. 

In physiognomy theory, the woman is yin, feet are yin, naturally woman's feet are the yin aspect of yin, if you want to understand and study a woman, her feet are the best organ.

In the the esthetician dictionary, beautiful woman feet standards are "small, thin, sharp, curved", while in the eyes of a fortune teller, the most beautiful feet should be small and exquisite, the big feet is a symbol of a masculine beauty, nobody in the world will fall in love with a thick strong woman, and nearly every man wants to have a compact woman and show pity and tenderness to such a woman.