Signs of Impending Misfortune or Disaster

There would be some signs before a shit thing or a disaster will happen to someone. If these things below happen to you, you must be careful.

1. Blackening between eyebrows

The middle part of the eyebrows is called Yintang in Physiognomy, and it means the place of the Palace of Life, which plays an important role in human's development. Normal and healthy Yintang should be flesh. If there is good luck, Yintang will be bright or red; If a disaster or bad luck would happen to someone, the color of Yintang will be dark, blue or even black. the darker the color is, the more serious the disaster would be.

2. Sudden death of animals or plants

When fortune is prosperous, the flowers, birds, fish and insects in the family are often vigorous; If the fish or pets in the family suddenly die, or the plants suddenly wither and so on, we should pay special attention to if the bad luck is coming. You'd better pay attention to your money, your personal safety, food, water and so on.

3. Personal belongings break or crack suddenly

In ancient times, objects used close to people like mirrors, combs, chopsticks and jade rings were spiritual. If these objects suddenly broke or were damaged, there would be bad predictions. If the mirror suddenly breaks up, it indicates that there will be contradictions between the lovers, it may lose harmony or break up. If the comb suddenly breaks, it indicates that the health of the elders may be problematic. If the chopsticks are dropped frequently, it indicates that they will suffer from financial distress or injury. If the jade wear suddenly breaks, it indicates that the family traveling abroad will have accidents.

4. Nose injury

The nose is called the Palace of Finance in Physiognomy, which is in charge of people's financial fortune. If the nose is carelessly scratched or bruised, or nosebleeds, or acne at the tip and alar of the nose, it indicates that there will be a breakdown of fortune in the near future.

5. Killing animals by car

Animals are spiritual. If you accidentally drive a car to kill cats, dogs and other animals, it is easy to be entangled with the resentment of animals, and would have a bad luck. It is better to prepare gold paper, lotus flowers and other nearby temples to be burned to resolve.

6. Getting a shit when you go out

If you see others quarrdlling, your new clothes scratched for no reason, your body bumped into some object, splashed with mud or splashed with a basin of dirty water when you go out. Or you will see bloody events such as jumping, suicide, murder, etc. These mean that your fortune is about to decline and bad luck is about to come. Be good, try your best to help people. Maybe you will save some good luck.

These omens are a warning to people. If you encounter, the best way to find out whether there are any mistakes you have made. If there are any, you should make timely adjustments or make up for them. In addition, when you go out, or make some investment decisions or new business plans, you should be careful, and be sure to act steadily. Of course, the occurrence of many disasters and misfortunes is inevitable, but with psychological preparation in advance, we can really bear it when it happens. So that we are not at a loss without rules and regulations.