Before what kind of love do zodiac signs want to escape


Aries with abundant vitality, like a sign that never understands burnout, will desperate to pursue all hobbies. Unless they stop themselves, anyone's stop will be in vain. For a long time, Aries has been used to walking at the front of the team. In this way, they can first see the beautiful scenery. Love also likes to go straight. Love is together. If you don't love, go your own way. If your originally brisk steps become suspicious due to love, or you lose some originally owned happiness, then, They'll get out of this field right away. It's better to travel alone.


Taurus's heart is probably filled with too many considerations, otherwise it won't be so slow to act. It's well known to be slow. No matter how the surrounding environment changes and no matter what someone says, Taurus still adheres to their rhythm and will think comprehensively enough to start a love, so it's not a last resort and won't go out easily, But if the other side always unrealistic demands too much, beyond the Taurus can bear, then it will decisively escape from this love competition.


There is no definite number at all, which is the interpretation of Gemini's life. Because there is no way to go decisively, it is possible to turn at any time. The direction is also according to their own ideas, Southeast, northwest, front, back, left and right. They don't know where to go. Because of the frequent emotions, they can't control it. Therefore, love is not stable enough. It seems that a gust of wind can blow away. As long as the other party's special love from the beginning to the later performance of half hearted, Gemini will be difficult to accept, puzzled and sad, and then choose to escape from this virtual love castle alone.


This very traditionalist cancer is a constellation that loves home and nostalgia for the old. They always seem to lack a sense of security everywhere. Therefore, they will consider everything around them with suspicion. It is not that they are too defensive, but that they are not confident enough of themselves and do not easily adapt to the new environment. Therefore, there are always some inexplicable worries in their hearts. As for what they are worried about, They can't tell. Generally speaking, cancer will not go out of the circle of love, but if they pay in good faith, the other party seems to never understand. Sensitive, they will decide to run away because they are too tired.


Some domineering lions are used to being surrounded by love. They are quite independent. They always like them and don't care about other people's feelings and ideas. Therefore, they often intentionally or unintentionally hurt some people around them. They are expected to apologize. In the lion's view, it's not necessary. Once the deeply loved one shows signs of never being single-minded, the proud lion takes the initiative to break up rather than escape. There is really no need to explain. Even if the heart is very painful, it will not show up. If you go, you won't look back.


Virgo, who has been looking for the perfect Virgo all his life, pays great attention to details. Before doing anything, he will make a specific plan in his heart. If he finds anything unsatisfied in the middle of the process, he will even choose to start over again. It's not a pity at all. It's not their style to make do with it. Naturally, the requirements for love are also particularly strict. Perhaps because of their introverted character, they will not say it directly, but the other party is again and again presumptuous under the compromise of love, completely ignoring their kind reminder. Then, the virgin will have nothing to say and the escape of love will be staged immediately.


Libra's hesitant character has increased unabated after many things. Perhaps it is because she is born, so nothing can be changed. Rich feelings will only prolong such wandering indefinitely. People around can only worry and have no way at all. Love is the spiritual belonging of Libra, and it is also a safe haven where there is no way to choose life. If there are any loopholes in this safe haven, it becomes no longer safe, there are more and more interference factors around, there are voices of opposition and scenes of deception, then you can only escape in the crash.


Scorpio's mystery and strangeness not only fascinates some people, but also repels others. All things in the world are born and overcome each other. Radishes and cabbage have their own love. Scorpio doesn't care whether others like or hate it at all, because it only cares about his own heart. Naturally, love is brave and persistent, and will not care about what others think. If they go their own way and carry out love to the end, they can let them abandon their persistence courage and choose to escape. Only the other party will no longer be sincere and right, and use too many lies to cover up their inner distraction. Their love escape will be the most thorough.


Sagittarius, who has always regarded freedom as more important than anything, is a typical representative of freedom. Their frank behavior and humorous conversation can easily infect the people around them with the happy atmosphere. That kind of happiness is the most natural, heartfelt, and there is no echo change, but involuntarily want to intervene in it. For Sagittarius, love should be happy. Therefore, as long as you like it, you will say it. Once there is no such excitement as first sight, and there is less and less tacit understanding with each other, then you choose to escape and travel alone will be very decisive.


This steady and introverted Capricorn has less wind and fire and more caution. Of course, it will be a little slower, but at least every step is very stable. Because the plan is very careful, there will be no hesitation, but it makes people feel more secure. The process of love is not too much suspense for Capricorn, but life is full of uncertainty everywhere. When the other party still can't concentrate on working for the future after they have given a lot of opportunities, he still just says nothing but does nothing, which makes Capricorn very disappointed, then escape will be an inevitable choice. Of course, there will be reluctance, but fantasy can't compete with reality.


The distinctive Aquarius is a typical extremist. It can be very magnanimous, but it will also have trivial competition. It is often based on the feelings and ideas at that time. There is no specific reason to say. Aquarius always advocates Platonic love, so it will have very aesthetic fantasy, but it will soon return to real life. Love can be deep, but it must not limit each other's freedom. If the private space becomes narrower and narrower due to love, the escape of Aquarius love will be ready at any time, and it will not return once it goes.


Pisces with romantic complex is the most typical representative of the water sign. The soul of this ancient cycle has the most thorough purity. It is sentimental to the point of frequent struggle for love. Although it is easy to shake, it is also wavering. It probably contains too many emotions, so it will linger in pain in advance and retreat. Love has always been the favorite in the heart, Is the most reluctant to come out from there, even if the selfless pay does not get the due return, in exchange for a wishful answer, then Pisces will understand that it is time to escape.