Spider hanging, God of wealth: these six signs indicate that happy things will happen at home!

A person's fortune is closely related to his own life. It is said that good people meet good things, and some life phenomena around them are often a sign. The so-called symptom refers to the symptom or sign before things happen, indicating. Judge and infer the outcome of what will happen according to the known conditions of what has happened (situation, sign, indication) or what is going to be done. Let's take a look today. What signs indicate that there is a happy event at home and a windfall of wealth?

1. Parrot into the house

Parrot is smart and bright. It is a kind of bird that people like very much. Parrots have & ldquo; Yingwu & rdquo; The parrot's call is positive and gives people a feeling of prosperity. Therefore, the meaning of parrot is brave and powerful, wise and divine.

There used to be a story about parrots. It was said that a group of parrots flew to a mountain. The animals in the mountain liked them very much and wanted them to stay. But the parrot thought that although it was good, it was not a place to stay for a long time, so he flew away. Several months later, a fire broke out in the mountains. Seeing it from a distance, the parrot moistened the water with its feathers, flew to the mountain and sprinkled water to put out the fire. Seeing this, the God said, & ldquo; Although you are full of spirit and ambition, what's the use (effect)& rdquo; The parrot replied, & ldquo; Although I know I can't put out the fire, I once lived in this mountain and got along well with the animals on the mountain. I'm as close as a brother. I can't bear to watch such a fire in the mountain& rdquo; The God of heaven was very moved to show his appreciation and put out the mountain fire. So the parrot has the meaning of inviting noble people to help. When a parrot enters the house, it is auspicious and good luck, and there are signs of a happy event.

2. Children visit

Everyone wants their family to be alive, and children are the source of vitality. Especially those children who are one or two years old and just learn to walk don't understand anything. They are not only curious about everything, but also like to have a look here and there. If a child who has just learned to walk has to drag an adult to your house, it shows that your family has good luck recently and is easy to meet gratifying things.

3. Spider crane

As the saying goes & ldquo; Spider hanging, God of wealth& rdquo; Among the people, spiders are also called & ldquo; Xizi & rdquo;, It is a good omen of happiness and wealth. Spiders look like Chinese characters & ldquo; Hi & rdquo;, So it's a sign of good luck. Spiders are animals that predict happy events. They slide down a spider's web along a spider's silk, indicating & rdquo; Good luck & ldquo;.

4. Dead wood germination

As the saying goes, green represents life. Trees that have withered for a long time should have returned to the earth. But after a long time, every sweet rain grew a new life. This is not only a good omen, but also a good omen for the surrounding Feng Shui. Good feng shui can promote health and wealth, which can be described as a happy event.

5. Swallows build nests

The swallow is a migratory bird, symbolizing joy and wealth. If swallows nest near your home or under the eaves, it means that the family's wealth has improved recently and a happy event has come in person, which is a sign of good luck.

6. Magpies sing

Magpies can be regarded as a symbol of jubilation. In ancient folklore, the Cowherd and Weaver Girl magpie bridge meeting on July 7 was completed by relying on the magpie bridge built by magpies. If there are magpies singing at home, it may mean that something good has happened, maybe someone in the family can achieve great success in his career, or relatives and friends who have not been contacted for many years visit, dignitaries come, etc.

Which of these signs have you encountered? However, no matter whether the above symptoms appear at home or not, don't be too persistent. If you just keep an ordinary mind and be kind to others, you will make a breakthrough and have a lot of happy events!