What house fengshui might indicate ill luck?



Do you feel uncomfortable and unsmooth for everything with a lot of trouble? Do you always feel you are unlucky? Have you ever thought that all these are related to house fengshui? Maybe some people think fengshui is incredible. But Chinese people have a lot of faith in feng shui, it is our traditional culture.

Feral cat descended upon the house

Feral cat descended upon the house, which means that your family would meet death or accidental disasters. Another point is that, if the cat stayed in your home all along, which means that your house mental aura is not good, you'd better check the dark place in your home as soon as possible. 

Fishes are all dead

Many people like to keep feng shui fish at home, you should pay special attention to this. It doesn't matter if one or two fishes are dead. But if fishes are all dead, which means bankruptcy or illness. You'd better not raise. After all, not all people are suitable to feed fish.

God table's front side is gliding downwards

The god table is essential in traditional Chinese family. You'd better choose that ordinary table and not choose that gecko-like, because this kind of table is easy to glide downwards. And if God table's front side is gliding downwards, which represents that you might lose money!

The gods Hall's walls are cracked

The gods Hall's walls are cracked, which is a very bad sign, especially in the gods hall. The family members might get sick or encounter accident. You'd better quickly tidy up in order to maintain health and safety.

Mice count the money

This means that there are many rats in your house. Your house is probably not clean, so the rats do not want to leave your house. This must be a bad thing if rats stay in your house all along. You'd better quickly destroy all the mice.

Spider webs can not be cleaned completely

Usually the appearance of spider webs means that your home is always unclean, dirty and dusty. And if you could not clear all the spider webs, which means that you might get sick easily.

Flowers died out

There are always many plants and flowers in the house, and flowers are viable. It does not matter if there is one or two dead leaves. But if all the flowers and plants are dead, which means that you might have lawsuit or wagging of tongues. You'd better grow some triffidian plants.