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When you might get confused by physiognomy


In Modern society, people are very smart. They contacted with a variety of complex social informations from childhood. Especially some people got accomplishment, and felt a mentality of self-righteous arrogance, the traditional humble comity has long disappeared, the substitute is the arrogant.

The intelligent person will get confused sometime, they are more likely to make mistakes on some Junior problems than ancient people.

There is certain rule of doing wrong judgments and decisions. It often appears in one or two days or as long as one week, as short as two or three hours. It is like mental state. No matter how good is a person, he will feel tired someday within one month. The human body has this physiological regulation, our fortune will also have this trend.

From several point of views, there is definitely a sign of showing this trend. From the psychological state point of view, there are two properties. One. You will feel depressive in the heart and inexplicably rattled, uninterested in doing anything, but always would like to do something. Two. you will feel very excited and urgent to do something, but do not know what to do after finishing. Under these two mental states, the best thing is not to make any judgments.

Judging from the face and color, dark spots appeared around eye socket, accuracy turned red, looked dull with pale gray. These are all the states to have bad luck. If the massive dark green spots appeared, which indicates the disater.

People with blessings and good luck will act moderately. Some people can have good luck for a decade or two, but some people will have a lifelong good fortune. It is not determined by the environment or characteristics of individual ability, but also by style of acting.

Because different people have different fortune, each person's tolerance is different. They might capsize if the wealth and career exceeded holding capacity. But unfortunately they would never accumulate blessings to pass through the difficulties.

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