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What constellations might be most janus-faced?


Libra people are elegant, sociable and peace-loving. They usually do not like to offend people, which are well-recognized as Mr. Nice. To maintain this image, it is inevitable for Libra to be anus-faced. You can not really understand their true inner thoughts, most of the time they are echoing the words of others. Libra people most janus-faced.


The nimble and changeable Gemini people are hard to be seen through. They are good at lying. Especially in front of the people they like, they are good at bringing the ability of eloquence into full play in order to please the other. But they are well-meaning to janus-faced. They just do it for fun not to cheat.the other.


Neptune guards Pisces, it is on behalf of the ideal, imagination, concentration, hesitation and hypocrisy. And Pisces friends are fully equipped with these features, they are nervous, forgetful, sentimental, imaginative and self-deceiving. Typically, Pisces people are not janus-faced. But they would become janus-faced in love, so as to let the others love them much more.