Good move, prosperous home, prosperous house and prosperous luck!

Modern young people may not pay so much attention to Feng Shui customs. But in fact, the customs and habits are the experience of the previous generation. Some have been practiced for a long time, so it's best to know more, especially moving.

Clean the room before moving

Cleaning before moving in is also called & ldquo; in traditional customs and habits; Clean house & rdquo;. Generally, the air quality of newly decorated houses or rooms that have not been occupied for a long time is relatively poor. At this time, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the room. Generally, clean the room thoroughly first, and finally open the doors and windows to let the air circulate naturally.

You can't enter the room empty handed

Generally speaking, the owner of the house takes the lead in entering the house with valuables, which indicates that the family will be very rich in the future, and there is also a beautiful implication that they will have no worries about food and clothing after moving. Of course, in the modern sense, the owner personally takes valuables, such as passbooks, jewelry and other items, also to prevent the loss of items when moving.

Do not construct after entering the house

Before formally moving into a new home, you can knock and modify anywhere at will. However, once it is determined to move in, it is best not to carry out construction. You can move things, but if you want to transform, you'd better choose another auspicious day.

From a modern point of view, no construction after moving is also to reduce the pollution of building materials. After all, every time it is changed, there will be more polluted gases or materials in the room, which is not conducive to the health of the family.

Pregnant women are not involved in moving

When moving, pregnant women had better not be present, which is also considered from the perspective of safety. Especially just pregnant, the fetus is in a very unstable state. If it is at the moving site, it is easy to frighten the fetus, resulting in adverse effects.

Choose an auspicious day to move

When moving, we should choose a good day and have a sense of ceremony. At the same time, it is best to move before noon. If you move at night, it is likely to disturb your neighbors. The light is not very good at night, and you may miss moving things and bump things easily.

The light should be on the day of moving

On the day you move in, you should turn on all the lights at home until the morning. Exquisite people will start lighting up three days before moving in until the morning of the day they move in. The advantage of this is that it can let the air circulate, make the family more popular, and let the neighbors know that there are new residents moving in, so as to facilitate future visits.

Personally present

When moving, you should be present in person. Although there are moving companies that can help move, you must be present in person on the day of moving. Don't just entrust others to help move. Only by moving in person can we check whether the goods are intact and whether all the things have been moved.

Fire on the day of moving

On the day of moving, you must fire and cook some sweet things, such as dumplings or sweet tea, and then the whole family will eat them together, which means that life will be sweet and the whole family will be round in the future.

Treat on or after the move

Relatives and friends should be invited to the house on the day of moving. If the day is too busy, you can also choose a day to treat within a week after moving. Especially in winter, moving needs a warm house, which is to make some friends. It doesn't have to be too much. It's just a little lively. If it's inconvenient for some reasons now, it can be made up in the future.

Therefore, such things as moving are still very exquisite and need more attention.