Phase of ascending constellation and power King Star

The rising constellation is the first constellation rising at the intersection of the eastern horizon and the ecliptic when you were born. The rising sign is a person's external expression, which is what the outside world perceives you. So the rising sign can also tell you how you express yourself. The rising sign will influence a person to hold a certain idea and think how to behave in order to be accepted by others. Since the rising sign is also the first house in everyone's chart, which means everyone's childhood environment, you can know that the rising sign (that is, self expectation) is expressed by their parents when they are still young. What the rising sign reveals is not only the pattern of people's speech and behavior, but also their clothing, hairstyle, appearance and so on. Look at the information displayed by the different aspects between the rising constellation and Pluto.

Rising at 0 degrees to Pluto

People with this aspect can act as an important lobbyist to let the public eliminate the parasites that corrode the social environment and erode the good quality of human beings. Because your speech and actions have prestige, no one dares to dismiss you from your post and treat you as a troublesome critic. Unless the situation is serious, it is not easy for you to stand up and take action. Once you act, you will use every trick and method you can think of to get those responsible to take the necessary action to turn the situation from chaos to order. You won't be satisfied until the whole system works effectively.You will not tolerate bullying in your personal affairs. Generally speaking, you know what you need in life, and you are ready to invest to improve your ability and strive to achieve your goals. You protect those who ask you to protect, and those you love know that you will protect them at all costs. You must prevent yourself or others from going to extremes. Choose your enemies carefully, otherwise you may be against those who will treat you extremely. You can easily inspire people's inner bad qualities.

Rising at 60 degrees to Pluto

This phase separation means alertness to the consciousness of individuals and others. Therefore, this kind of person can gradually enter into meaningful interpersonal relationships to have a significant impact on the broader social environment. They have the ability to concentrate. If a similar combination appears in the chart of the Star Palace, this phase can bring perspective and soul power. They will act correctly, whether it is personal action or cooperation with others.

Rising at 90 degrees to Pluto

People in this aspect feel that they are destined to have a profound impact on the people they come into contact with. Obviously, your early education makes you believe that the world is waiting for you when you grow up to restore the original order. The deep belief in your infinite power directly leads to the disagreement between you and your superiors. You always seem arrogant, eager to show yourself, and ignore orders. This will greatly irritate the people you deal with, especially your superiors. Your behavior is the direct result of your parents' or guardians' strong control over you.You always make mistakes when making decisions. However, because you think that no one can question your behavior, you often stubbornly insist on making mistakes, even an obvious mistake. Once you learn how to choose, you can succeed. This is because you have strong organizational skills and can let others pave the way for your success. You have a.webpt for handling things calmly. Even in the face of a strong opponent, you never flinch from the challenge. Because your demands are often unbearable, you may have trouble in interpersonal communication. Your strong desire for power and public recognition is deeply imprinted in everything you do, so it is almost impossible to make you compromise.

Rising 120 degrees to Pluto

People in this aspect have strong concentration and keen attention. They have the ability to reform the way other people think and interact with others. Because of their self-confidence, they can be inspiring. They also have the ability to innovate and constantly improve everything, so their environment often changes without interruption.

Rising 180 degrees to Pluto

People in this aspect have a lot of requirements for people they associate with, but when these people ask you in turn, you will express disgust. Shaping others is your talent, so you should focus on public relations. Political, social and financial activities are also areas from which you can derive self satisfaction. You have a great talent for expressing yourself, and people are often overwhelmed by the fact that you attract their attention.Generally speaking, you always want wind to get wind and rain to get rain, and you can't tolerate rejection of your instructions. If you try to change people's attitude towards social responsibility, you can work miracles. In the process of seeking to improve the social situation you can't tolerate, you will get the support from your friends. I'm afraid you won't get the kind of success you enjoy in public relations. When you are close to others, you will make people feel unbearable and restless. However, your ability to understand others' ways of thinking, and even to empathize with them mentally, will help you socialize.