Constellation: the power king of the ten planets



Pluto, discovered in 1930, is the slowest of all stars. It circled the zodiac for about 46 years on both sides. Due to its abnormal orbit, it stayed in each constellation for 12 to 30 years, and it also belongs to “ Superhuman planet ”. The power that symbolizes the substantiation of the suppressed subconscious of human beings is generally translated into the power opposite to the sun. Pluto is a male, masculine star. It stands for destruction drive or reform drive, integration, secretly developed things, reproduction, regeneration and degeneration. Its essence is plastic and comprehensive. Its nature is negative, dark and damp. In terms of characters, it represents dictators, sages, spiritual scholars, demons, etc.

The totem symbol of Pluto is the first symbol from PL to commemorate Percival Lowell's development of Pluto in 1930. Or on the cross representing material, there is a new moon, on which hangs a circle representing endless.

Pluto Pluto, like Uranus and Neptune, when it stays in a constellation, its impact on a certain era is greater than that on individuals. It is also a modern planet that is most irrelevant to individuals. The constellation position of Pluto is usually of strong importance in history. They bring about fundamental changes, bring drastic changes to human life and civilization, and even affect personal traditional ideas. Once its repressed power is released, it will completely change the past; These changes also create new life and may also cause destruction. How different individuals will be affected and changed is shown in Pluto's house in the chart. The aspect of Pluto in the chart is the most complex area of your life, and it is also an area that you must solve alone.

Its influence includes: taking charge of everything invisible in the lower world, and also affecting personal traditional ideas, including the unknown world of human beings, the hidden self or subconscious self, things remembered, the spiritual power of the universe, creative potential, primitive desires and impulses, etc. Pluto, which is dark and persistent, dominates ideas and recurring impressions, such as the reproduction process of printing.

Pluto also has relatively sensitive parts of the body, such as excretion and metabolic system, pituitary gland, abnormal growth such as warts, tumors, birthmarks, moles, etc. The diseases represented include intractable diseases, diseases of excretory organs, sexually transmitted diseases, gonadal problems, cell combination, regenerative performance, immune system disorders, sexual impulse, and ferocity.

Pluto's positive characteristics are: decisive, serious, energetic, spiritual, healing, enthusiastic, mysterious, resourceful, powerful, courageous, and secretive.

And negative characteristics such as: nervous, ruthless, changing, reborn, sexual, greedy, aggressive, stubborn, unsociable, uncooperative, forced, hateful, ironic, extremely true, jealous, forced, manipulated.

Pluto's ruling constellation is Scorpio, the star of power has not been determined, in Taurus is losing power, and the falling star has not been determined.

The word of Pluto is definitely: “ Deformation ”.

Megastar vs12 constellation

Pluto is the slowest moving planet, and it takes about 248 years to bypass the ecliptic. It stays in each constellation for 12 to 23 years, and its influence on the times is greater than that on individuals. Pluto's influence on individuals and things mainly depends on the position of the twelfth house of the day after tomorrow, please refer to your analysis of the twelfth house of the day after tomorrow.

1、 Aries

From March 21 to April 19, the dominant Planet: Mars attribute: masculine, standard, fire sign

Personality traits: expansion, avantgarde, primitive, violent. Have the spirit of bold and courageous progress, radical and impulsive attitude, naive and optimistic, and have unparalleled courage.

Aries is the first of the 12 constellations. It represents the beginning of a search for new experiences. When Pluto was in Aries, it was the golden age when the pioneer of the founding of the United States opened up a vast virgin land. These people overcame many difficulties with unparalleled courage in order to establish a free and brand-new way of life. From the western frontier stories handed down by them, we can know that it was a period when we had to solve difficulties with violence. At the same time, many great revolutionary movements in Europe were also in full swing. Mankind gradually overthrew the traditional monarchy and advocated that people's freedom and independence were equal.

2、 Taurus

April 20 ~ May 20 dominant Planet: Mars attribute: negative, fixed, earth sign

Personality traits: stability, partnership, germination. There are many revolutionary activities in the industry and trade circles, and the material life is gradually stable. The creativity has changed from the field of physical fitness to brainstorming.

Taurus is a constellation that represents material production and money. Pluto's position in Taurus is a clear symbol of the era of economic activity. At that time, the industrial revolution was at its peak. In the United States and Europe, factories and cotton production mushroomed. The form of partnership also appeared first in this period, and the railway industry was the most obvious example. It is an era when the global economy is taking off and material life is gradually comfortable and stable. It is an era of optimism and stability.

3、 Gemini

From May 21 to June 21, the dominant Planet: Mercury attribute: positive, changing, wind sign

Personality traits: innovation, communication, organization. The age of invention is full of innovative thinking.

Gemini is a constellation full of new ideas and inventions. Pluto's position in Gemini represents an era of uninterrupted important inventions and new scientific discoveries. When Pluto came to Gemini, the world was committed to communication and communication, and because Gemini is innovative and has many ideas, there will be many inventions that can help human beings convey information and communication, such as innovations in telecommunications and transportation. In the history of mankind, there are many inventors in this era, such as Edison, bell &hellip& hellip; And other scientists have discovered electric energy and electronic technology and communication equipment that modern society depends on. The car was invented, and the Wright brothers also took off in the first plane. Scientific technology and knowledge have developed an amazing new situation in this era.

4、 Cancer

June 22 ~ July 22 dominant Planet: Moon attribute: Yin, standard, water sign

Personality traits: economic recession, patriotism. Committed to the development of land and grain, the change of the international environment and the rise of new ideas.

Cancer is a constellation related to emotional expression, family needs, land, environment and food production. Pluto in cancer symbolizes an era of economic distress. Strong nationalism rose all over the world, leading to World War II. Cancer is a sensitive constellation that needs family warmth and storage, so the inventions in this period will be related to the most basic necessities of people's livelihood, such as land and food. For example, fertilizers and pesticides for crops have appeared, and people have also begun to build dams to irrigate farmland and use hydropower.

5、 Leo

July 23 ~ August 22 dominant Planet: Sun attribute: positive, fixed, fire constellation

Personality traits: power, struggle, breakthrough, conflict. The era of sharpening international conflicts, strong desire for domination and innovation of subordinate status.

Leo is a constellation where leaders express power and energy. When Pluto is in Leo, it means that atomic energy will be found, and the first atomic bomb will also explode, because Pluto is the main star that rules this strong energy, and Leo has the power to trigger it. For the first time in history, mankind is facing the unimaginable state of scientific and technological achievements. At the same time, it is also facing the terrorist situation that human civilization is easily destroyed. This general period began in the sharp conflicts of the Second World War. After the war, many nations under colonial rule became independent one after another.

6、 Virgo

August 23 ~ September 22 dominant Planet: Mercury attribute: negative, variable, earth sign

Personality traits: attach importance to health and scientific and technological innovation. Be diligent in developing the instinct of human beings in unknown fields, and be concerned about health-related matters.

Virgo is related to work, health and technology. Pluto in Virgo represents an era of revolutionary reforms in employment, medicine, and industrial development. Computers bring reforms to science, economy and industry; The ILO has also become a powerful political group; A large number of processed foods are sold on the market, the mechanization of industrial production replaces most of the manpower, and a surprising new situation has emerged in the development of medicine.

When Pluto moves to Virgo, human beings have a strong interest in developing unknown fields in the mind. During this period, there will be many things related to subconscious activities, or things that affect human mental activities, such as the discovery and use of psychedelic drugs, which makes human cognition of consciousness and subconsciousness change dramatically.

Because Pluto is the ruling planet of Scorpio, Scorpio is “ Sex ” Virgo is a constellation related to physical health. During this period, the birth of human newborns was controlled, and new sexual morality began to appear. With the rapid increase of chemical additives in food, human food contamination has become a major problem, so the voice of advocating natural food has gradually emerged.

7、 Libra

From September 23 to October 22, the dominant Planet: Venus attribute: masculine, standard, wind sign

Personality traits: justice, arbitration, harmony, responsibility. Dare to shoulder responsibilities to improve the world. Actively solve international and interpersonal problems and pursue a harmonious and stable environment.

Libra is a constellation that means fairness and justice. It is related to interpersonal relations, social expression and psychology. The age of Pluto in Libra is a harmonious era. Human beings will review their responsibilities in this period, and in order to make the world reach a more harmonious state, human beings will face their social responsibilities bravely. During this period, people have a strong sense of justice and responsibility. Social issues of justice and morality are constantly emerging and widely discussed. Events such as international justice and international arbitration will immediately attract global attention and actively seek a fair solution.

8、 Scorpio

From October 23 to November 21, the dominant Planet: Mars, Pluto attribute: negative, fixed, water sign

Personality traits: rebirth, destruction, strong. Be strong in facing the results of human civilization and preparing for the rebirth of the next generation. Many things are facing the era of collapse and restart.

Pluto is the ruling star of Scorpio, and Scorpio represents the power of death and afterbirth. Therefore, when Pluto moves to Scorpio, it marks a critical era coming. Whether human civilization is sublimated or destroyed depends on whether human beings have enough wisdom to make the right choice at this time.

9、 Sagittarius

From November 22 to December 21, the ruling planet: Jupiter attributes: positive, changing, fire sign

Personality traits: belief, civilization, order. The generation that pursues norms, laws and justice, the era of religious innovation, and the generation that advocates freedom.

Sagittarius is a constellation related to religion, law, travel and advanced degrees. Pluto entered Sagittarius around 2000 ad, representing an era of freedom and faith. During this period, human beings are particularly interested in the activities and values of the soul. The emergence of new religions or the innovation of religious concepts will lead human beings to accept the activities in the depths of the soul and reveal a new spiritual field. However, this belief is not blind obedience, but human observation and Reflection on their own inner activities, rather than blindly convincing, not thinking, introspection, or even questioning.

10、 Capricorn

From December 22 to January 19, the dominant Planet: Saturn attributes: Yin, standard, earth sign

Personality traits: self expectation and down-to-earth. Politically, new systems and ideas have emerged that are powerful for the world. Have the spirit of the times of self expectation and pursuit of progress.

Capricorn is a constellation with deep ambition for status, fame and wealth. When Pluto moves to Capricorn, a new political structure will appear, such as a new political system - a democratic system to replace the original monarchy. This new system will produce a new social structure under which human beings will demand for themselves and create a better living environment and social mechanism within the scope of their ability.

When Pluto is in Capricorn, there will be a group of practical new generations in the organization, trade and political circles. All these developments are based on the fact that human beings must have the opportunity to develop their potential within the scope of their self expectations, self requirements and abilities.

11、 Aquarius

From January 20 to February 18, the dominant planets: Saturn and Uranus attribute: positive, fixed, wind sign

Personality traits: scientific thinking, humanistic spirit, fraternity, freedom. Everyone has an independent personality and the right to pursue himself. Scientific inventions have the supreme achievements, and the spirit of freedom has the opportunity to play.

Aquarius is a constellation that symbolizes group activities, the development of mental intuition, science and humanism. When Pluto came to Aquarius, the mental activities of all mankind reached the most vigorous period. During this period, human beings attach importance to civilization and spiritual freedom, have humanistic quality and scientific spirit, and have the era characteristics of Aquarius love and peace. This era is a stable and highly developed spiritual and scientific generation. People's own value has been given due attention, so they can strive to pursue their own way of life.

12、 Pisces

From February 19 to March 20, the dominant planets: Jupiter and Neptune attributes: negative, changing, water signs

Personality traits: mystery, intuition, art. The age of strong desire for artistic creation is an era of spiritual activities.

Pisces represents deep subconscious activities, mysterious experience and intuitive artistic creation. Pluto's position in Pisces represents a period of dramatic cultural change. At this time, there will be many works of art expressing noble and philanthropic thoughts. The next generation of people born when Pluto was in Pisces will open up a new vision for human culture and art, and it will make people deeply understand the secret of deep soul.