A constellation combination born to conquer each other

Some constellations are like natural enemies. They attack each other. It's really difficult for them to get along harmoniously. This may be that creation makes people. Since there are people who make you fall in love, there must be people who make you uncomfortable. Let's take a look at which of the 12 constellations are born to overcome each other.

Aries vs Virgo & shy;

The bold and unrestrained Aries and the slender and sensitive Virgo are the scholars who meet the soldiers. Aries doesn't like Virgo's meticulousness, and can't stand Virgo's sharp criticism of his shortcomings. No matter how well cultivated Aries are, they will erupt a volcano in front of Virgo. Virgo's impulsive and reckless to Aries also hates his teeth. I really doubt whether the sheep has a brain. I don't know why the Virgo's poisonous mouth can be further improved when he meets Aries& shy;

Speech: my God! How could I meet him? Let me hit the wall& shy;

Taurus vs Leo

One is the stubborn king and the other is the only self respect. The two tigers of Taurus and Leo will fight to the death. Taurus is very qualitative. Once you decide, ten cows can't be pulled back; Leo whether you are reasonable or not, what he believes is right, and the other side is cool. In a team, especially in decision-making, we must not put these two people together, otherwise we can ensure that they can turn the conference room into a smoke filled battlefield& shy;

Speech: when a cow is born, why a lion& shy;

Gemini vs Capricorn

Gemini and Capricorn meet, just like a little demon with a tongue like a Tang Monk and an old demon with an unchanged face. Gemini's Lotus tongue and vigorous skills make Capricorn want to vomit blood, which makes Capricorn want to slap his annoying fly to death; Capricorn's face is like frost and stubborn old-fashioned magic. It splashes cold water and makes Gemini want to hit the wall, which makes Gemini uncontrollably want to break his elm head& shy;

Comment: if anyone takes the & ldquo; Demon & rdquo;, I promise you by example& shy;

Cancer vs Aquarius

In order to avoid a car crash, cancer, who is perceptual to hot, and Aquarius, who is rational to indifferent, had better live in the South Pole and the North Pole. Aquarius thinks crab & ldquo; Love is only one & rdquo; Your idea is stupid; Cancer feels like a bottle & ldquo; Love can be shared between lovers and friends & rdquo; My view is absurd. When the crab speaks, the bottle is reasonable; When the bottle talks about lust, the crab talks about giving & hellip& hellip; The whole chicken and duck talk& shy;

Speech: who can tell me what kind of mess is stuffed in his head& shy;

Scorpio vs Sagittarius

Scorpio, introverted and deep, looks like a strict private school teacher; Sagittarius, straightforward and fun, is like a naughty student. The current records of the school are often staged between them. When everyone is serious and strict, Scorpio can't help but want to draw a few rules from the shooter when he sees his foolishness and cynicism; When the shooter shouts & ldquo; Long live freedom & rdquo;, Seeing that Scorpio doesn't work hard enough and wants to despise him for not doing his job, he wants to pop through his forehead& shy;

Speech: God! Please let him disappear from my sight forever& shy;

Libra vs Pisces

Libra, who loves beauty and peace, and Pisces, who is naive and romantic, are both flexible constellations, which should be very compatible, but the principle of same-sex exclusion is more applicable to them. The two guys have no shoulders. When they encounter an accident, they blame each other and shirk responsibility; When there is difficulty or danger, you can escape faster than anyone else. As soon as the matter is solved, he will stretch out his head and accuse the other party of being timid, afraid of things, etc. If you don't want to be drowned by saliva, others please bring rain gear to watch the battle& shy;

Speech: how can I be familiar with this shrinking turtle& shy;