What constellation lovers would be doomed to counteract with each other


First, Scorpio VS Leo

Feel disgusting mutually, grab the leadership

If your constellation is Scorpio, and your lover's constellation is Leo. It is hard to have loving romance of this mating partner. Because you have very strong personality and attitude in love, especially your sour speech would easily make your lover feel unexcited. Leo are keen on face-saving and couldn't withstand a nagging Scorpio. The most commonly encountered embarrassing situation between Scorpio and Leo couple is that you would dislike mutually and grab leadership. You would break up finally if both of you desired to control the other.

Second, Sagittarius VS Pisces

Living in a romantic lie

If your constellation is Sagittarius, and your lover's is Pisces. It is hard to have naive and frank  romance of this mating partner. You would be easily distracted in love. And you would forget the commitment to the lover and make suspensive relationship with friends and colleagues if they were close to you. Pisces frequently could not tell the difference between reality and fantasy. You would frequently linger between the old love and the new love, wander about in memories and miss. Since both of you would have an affair easily. So the most commonly encountered problem is living in a romantic lie.

Third, Gemini VS Aries

Quarrel strictly and fight hurtfully

If your constellation is Gemini, and your lover's is Aries. It is hard to have peaceful, harmonious and perfect romance of this mating partner. You have a sharp tongue but means well. You would like to view some trivial little things as very serious matters, and you are interested in stirring up trouble. Unfortunately, Aries couldn't understand your sense of humor. Aries would never know how to make laugh at oneself. so it would be easy to let them tend to collapse. When you are engaging in a duel of words, you would quarrel seriously. And you would quarrel strictly and fight hurtfully. How could you become a nice couple?