How to make the other one like you?


Aries pay attention to the appearance of the opposite sex, they like to dress themselves handsome and beautiful, naturally the opposite sex will fancy them. If you want to attract Aries, you must take care of your appearance.

Straightforward Aries hate to guess the heart of the opposite sex, they most will choose lively and straightforward opposite sex. Too stuffy or serious personality will make them hard to breathe, or make them seem naive.

They like to say away, but you'd better take their self-esteem into account, do not let them make a poor figure nor unable to back down with good grace in front of everyone.

They attach considerable importance to friends, if they have to date with friends and partners during the same period, they often choose to let partners play with friends at home.

Clever partners do not argue about which is important? "Aries will feel very impatient. 

They will naturally know the next time they will take care of you. Straightforward Aries will express their moods on the face.

They like the excitement, in order to let them maintain freshness and enthusiasm of communication, "play cat and mouse" is the necessary means.


Taurus are  low-pitched, cautious, restrained, stable and patient like cow, which makes them difficult to be relaxed in love.

They actually attach importance to love, but often miss a lot of opportunities for the pursuit of the opposite sex due to shy and cautious personality.

It is not easy to make them moved, they lack a sense of security, you must spend a long period of adaptation in order to become their partners. Moreover, they lack the confidence and courage, if you like Taurus, you'd better be more proactive.

Taurus men like fair-skinned slim beauty, but too popular girls would let them back down.

Taurus women speak few words, so most of the selected objects will be people who like to talk. 

They are loyal companions, they will be very loyal, steady love will make them feel very happy.


Gemini are saponaceous, clever and fickle, their colleagues or friends must have experienced their quick speed of speech like the machine gun.

Fickle Gemini change their minds usually.

Gemini have good ability to deal with things, they are a little impatiently, so they will often ask the people around  to keep up with the same fast pace. If you want to become a partner of Gemini, the first condition is not too dull and lukewarm.

They are easy to become impatient.

Gemini are very interested in the novelty, their partners must have enough generous heart and ability to adapt better to clean up what they bought.

They love to speak, travel and taste cuisine. They do not like stuffy lovers with deviation food habit. 

To put it simply, their partners had better love to eat and play, be lively. It does not matter of money, it is important that there is endless topic to talk about. As long as you do not let them get bored, Gemini will love you very much.


Cancer are shy and cautious, sensitive and fragile, and have a strong defense heart towards strangers. If you want to be close to or know them, then you must go through a long time to get along, or be introduced through their trusted relatives or friends, otherwise it would be difficult to walk into their living area.

Cancer like to take care of others, lovely and spoiled girls are their favorites, because they like to protect lovers.

Cancer women like tall, straight and gentle men, because Cancer women often get into a huff, only the patient lovers can accommodate their emotions.

Cancer are sentimental, it is a very important issue to deal with their emotions.

Cancer's vision is very high, they have very strict conditions to selet mates because they will not change their true hearts easily. In order to maintain feelings, they are willing to change themselves to adapt to each other.

They attach great importance to the family and pay attention to the dedication of their partners..

If they like you, they will take good care of your everything.


Leo are self-important and concerned about face-saving. They are already very beautiful, so they have very high conditions to select mates. They focus on feeling and like to "love at first sight".  If you are able to attract the favor of Leo at first glance, so you've reached 70% success rate. Conversely, if you gave Leo poor first impression, it would be very difficult to let them like you.

Leo look like good-looking, talented, capable lovers, longing for the exaggerated and romantic love. If you can have weekday night tours, eat delicious food, send a small gift, and occasionally produce some small surprise to Leo, they will be very happy.

Leo are very simple and straightforward, even the worthless small gift, as long as lovers bother to look for them, Leo will be very enjoyable.

Do not worry even if you do not know how to play and play romantic things, as long as Leo fall in love with you, you will enjoy endless surprise and tasty food.


Virgo are in pursuit of perfection, pay attention to details, they have very cautious attitude of life and love, because they care about their image, they would not accept any immorality romance.

Even if they really fell in love with someone they should not love, they would forbear love until they leave the other side's living area.

Virgo have a high probability to fall in love at first sight, the first impression is very important for them, but the future performance is the key to determine whether to contact.

Virgo care about a person's life skills behavior even more than the external image, if you let them feel unsatisfied a little, they will frown and preach, or just leave away without a word.

They will be very likely to select friends as lovers, because they must go through a period of observation and adaptation before put all their hearts.

They do not like too popular opposite sex, they do not like to see their favorite lovers flirting with the opposite sex, they might get too angry. If your speech and appearance are too casual, they will feel the face is lost to the limit. If you fall in love with Virgo, you'd better be self-disciplined.


Libra are in pursuit of beauty forevery, they have a unique set of aesthetic standards, they will not accept all the popular things, instead they have a considerable degree of enthusiasm and loyalty for their favorite brands.

Libra have depth of knowledge and good fellowship, they have high vision for mates.

Libra need the partners who can accompany to grow up.

Libra are just and sleek in all dealings, often play a mediation role in the group, they will fall in love with someone due to worship the other's leadership and lively personality.

Although Libra are reasonable usually, they will become very slow and blind in love, they are easy to fall into the dangerous trap of immorality and unable to extricate themselves.

They are still longing for the long-term romance in mind. When they seriously fell in love with a person, they would become very loyal.


Scorpio are shy and lack of confidence, even if they like someone, they will not express easily, often fall into a kind of "long-term unrequited love war of resistance".

Unless the people they like will make active response, otherwise their extraordinary persistence and patience can make them continue to crush to incredible years.

Another type of Scorpio will accept the other due to hard pursuit, and take good care of valentine's daily life, even forgive the other's unloyalty.

Scorpio are not very easy to pursue, because they are good at observing human nature, they will be very careful to observe carefully the motives and background of the suitors.

Once Scorpio promised to contact, they will be easy to become a puppet of the feelings, regardless of life or a job or a good mood, they will focus on Valentine completely, they can do anything for love. We often say Scorpio will become very silly in love.

Scorpio often fall in love with different kinds of people, that is cheerful, positive, a little silly objects. Even their own personality are very similar, as long as they had actively pursued Scorpio, most of them will surrender.


Sagittarius love freedom, they have a strong sense of curiosity, like to challenge the impossible task. The more taboo or distant objects will attract their pursuit interest.

Whether the love between sister and brother, teachers and students or extra-marital affair are very exciting games of love for Sagittarius.

Free and uninhibited Sagittarius are very much annoyed by anything that would tie them down, they often avoid the house rules, dogma, moral, or promise, so do not want to tie them by marriage or commitment.

Because Sagittarius have good language ability, samely, they also like knowledgeable opposite sex with good foreign language skills.

Sagittarius male especially like the older female than them because they have no patience to take care of partners, also too lazy to appease partner's tantrums. The life economy are independent, sensible sisters are more suitable for them.

They enjoy independent and capable opposite sex, even better if they can have a little mystery temperament. You'd better try to keep a sense of mystery and act more low-key, Sagittarius will be more interested in you.


Capricorn will consider more practical issues, marriage is regarded as a condition to select mate, they can take very good care of friends.

Capricorn show the ultimate expression of romance by a number of phone every day greetings.

To tell you the truth, Capricorn do not understand "romance" really, it is prohibitively difficult to let them say sweet words, let alone use a gift of flowers to celebrate the anniversary. Sometimes it is too hard to force them to sing a love song, they may also be shy to stammer.

Capricorn are very generous to lovers, as long as the partners make demands, they will strive to do  in the range of their ability.

Capricorn are very serious in love, they are able to tolerate the partners.

Capricorn women like the opposite sex who can work seriously, have mature and rough personality.

Capricorn men have the tendency of male chauvinism, like the gentle and restrained opposite sex.


Aquarius are relatively new and strange, also have the intellectual and emotional qualities, their favorite object must have "quiet as pussy, nimble as an escaping hare when going into action".

Aquarius trust their instincts, believe in fate-encounter, so the process of encountering with the opposite sex is usually very interesting.

Aquarius are fascinated by the mysterious world of the supernatural, but always less single-minded about the real life.

Most Aquarius often forget something, it is difficult to wake them up, and often disappear after waking up. If you want to become the Aquarius partner, you'd better have "kite-flying" psychological preparation.

Aquarius are very independent and do not like to depend on others, so they will not like the sensitive dependent.

Aquarius boys prefer petite, flexible and cheerful girls with unique thoughts. Aquarian girls are not picky about conditions, they only hope that the other can give each other enough personal space.


Pisces is intuitive first animal, they like the innocent and romantic love, like the good - looking opposite sex, and will accept to contact due to the pursuit of each other's fervently promise.

Pisces believe in love, but often suffer losses in love. When they suffer frustration, they are easy to have a new sweetheart because of someone else's comfort and empathy.

Pisces often mistake the ambiguous relationship for true love, they accidentally get lost in between reality and imagination. For example, they may fall in love with a nasty-looking object..

Pisces are easy to fall in love, even if they've known this romance will have thorns everywhere, they will still go ahead in the name of love. Only a handful of Pisces can see the reality, but too realistic results will make them become utilitarian who do not believe in love.