Independent and sober, it is not easy to fall into the high and cold constellation of love

Love is a very beautiful thing. It makes people feel romantic when they think of it, but for most people, it is out of reach, because it is difficult to meet the right person. For some people, they may be as enthusiastic as fire, but for others, they are as cold as ice and it is difficult to enter his heart. For such people, they are mature and very independent, so they will not deliberately please each other in love. Let's see what constellations there are.


When it comes to high cold, the first thing I think of is the water bottle. Aquarius is often indifferent in interpersonal communication. Most of the time, they are indifferent, and so is love. Aquarius is very cold in love. They seldom make heart to heart with their partner. Sometimes they may have the idea of breaking up when they encounter a little thing, and the water bottle is not very important to their partner, which will lead to breaking up. Aquarius is very independent. They choose to solve many things by themselves, so they often make their partners feel frustrated. Aquarius has multiple personalities and split personality, so when getting along, unless Aquarius takes the initiative to open the heart, others can't get in, and few people can understand Aquarius. This is related to the character of Aquarius. Aquarius is delicate and sensitive. He will observe the details ignored by ordinary people, and then add his own wishful thinking, which will save hidden dangers. The two people gradually become alienated. When they reach an explosive point, they break up.


As we all know, Taurus is a person who only loves himself. When they fall in love, they will have reservations. I am here and can eat, drink and have fun with you, but my heart is not on you. This is actually a kind of self-protection. Even if you break up, Taurus can recover quickly. Taurus is particularly demanding on people's choice, especially partners. Reality, face, EQ and IQ, these Taurus will consider, because it brings surprises to Taurus. If it does not meet these requirements, Taurus will not have heart to heart, and separation is inevitable. Taurus, like Aquarius, is a delicate person. He will observe who you are and decide where you are. This position is difficult to change. Taurus is very silent. He usually observes silently. He keeps everything in his mind. He won't say it. He just reduces your score silently, but it will lead to estrangement between the two people. Therefore, any contradiction with Taurus must be solved in time.


Scorpio is a very cold sign. It's hard to guess their mind. Scorpio is very lazy and doesn't bother to communicate with people, so Scorpio usually doesn't communicate with people. It seems that he told you a lot, but in fact, his secrets are kept. No matter how many things you do, he may not be moved. Scorpio is indifferent to everything, unless something really likes it, so even if Scorpio is with you, he won't care about you much. He just doesn't bother to solve these problems. At the same time, Scorpio has a special hatred for everyone. Scorpio is also very sensitive. He will feel the surrounding environment and the attitude of others towards himself, so as to guess whether others are suitable for communication.

Scorpio's double label is very serious. For Scorpio, there are only friends and others. As long as you offend Scorpio in a small matter, Scorpio will classify you as someone else. So it's very difficult to enter Scorpio's heart, so Scorpio in love is cold. At the same time, Scorpio is very calm in love. As soon as something happens, Scorpio will slowly take back his heart. At this time, it is natural to break up.

Different people have different views on love. For Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio, high cold is a kind of protection for themselves. Protect yourself from being hurt. Even if you break up, you can come out quickly. The love brain is terrible. But in fact, it's easy to fall in love with such people. They will look at the problem calmly, and then choose the appropriate method to solve it, without the confusion of the people in the game. As long as they take it seriously, they are the best partners.