A constellation with a high emotional quotient

Today, let's talk about these constellations from the perspective of astrology.

Sun Libra Moon Sagittarius

The sun sets in Libra, is very free and easy and casual, and will not care too much about many things. For Libras, they are always at ease in social relations and interpersonal relationships. No matter what the situation is, they can handle it well.

It can be said that Libra has inherent talent in social communication. Generosity and tolerance are also the advantages of this constellation. However, if the moon falls on some more careful constellations, it may only be superficial forgiveness, and secretly it will continue to bear revenge and revenge. For example, the moon sets Scorpio.

So it depends on whether a person is really tolerant and magnanimous, knows how to do things, knows how to advance and retreat, and also depends on the cooperation of the sun and the moon. Sun Libra, moon Sagittarius this configuration, often really big heart, do not care, do not bear grudges. Moon archers don't like to keep small things in mind.

They are magnanimous, tolerant and wise. As long as the moon is not severely punished, such people are generally very easy to get along with. People and things are never too extreme, so people are also very popular in groups. Their magnanimity is that they are calm, optimistic and have room to do things.

Sun lion Moon lion

People with the sun and moon in Leo are typical people with clear gratitude and resentment and clear love and hate. But they are also very generous people. Even if there is a contradiction with the other party, they will never take revenge as long as the other party admits his mistake or the two sides reach a reconciliation.

Even if the other party really went too far, they were very angry at that time, but they would never make any retaliatory actions, because they didn't think it was worth it and were unwilling to do so. It's always the case when the sun sets in Leo. They have a chivalrous heart, but at the same time point to the end.

Leo is also the most magnanimous and frank of the twelve constellations. Even if they have contradictions, they will not carry out them secretly. Even if you have a huge advantage, you won't force the other party to a dead end. Leave face for each other when there is room. Know advance and retreat, know discretion.

The moon lion makes this chivalrous and righteous courage to the extreme. Their hearts are indeed clear about good and evil, but they also have compassion. So even if they do wrong and betray themselves in the face of each other, they can't kill them all. Such a person is actually worth making friends with.

In their communication, they understand the scale of advance and retreat and the measure of interpersonal relationship. Not because of how good they are at socializing, but because of their wisdom of pushing themselves to others. It is this wisdom that makes them more popular in the team. Many times, high EQ is not because of how flexible the mind is, but because of the goodness of the heart.