Palmistry - Marriage line reveal emotional development

Talk about feelings, on the marriage, in addition to see the emotions, but also the marriage line, marriage line the amount can be determined emotional development.

The marriage line is located between the emotional line with the little finger, in other words, short stripes appear in the Mercury Hill (pictured). Some people, there is only one marriage line, some people there are several, and its direction to the direction of the palm extending from the palm side.

The meaning of marriage line, as its name implies the process of a person's love, when to get married, the marriage will not be happy, would not divorce, remarriage, or having an extramarital affair. Also, it reveals the relationship between men and women, not necessarily legal marriage, cohabitation are also considered.

The average person's marriage line, which is usually one to three, four, more than four or more, and more emotional event. Such a person before marriage, after marriage, the relationship between men and women is less simple. Men, pre-marital girlfriend, marriage is still not through the points, also a lot of gossip.

  • When the marriage line more than one, choose one of the deepest, the longest one. Good marriage line must be deep enough, long enough, not chaos. Lined deep, Qingnong;
  • Lined shallow, love light. Therefore, observe the marriage line, particularly note that lined the head and tail of the same depth. If the same depth, the main heat of love will never fade Less;
  • Head Asao deep, which means that love first light after the concentration;
  • On the contrary, the head FUKAO shallow, love is the concentration after the first light.

The length of the marriage line, to be able to reach the base of the little finger half (pictured) is considered long enough to look to the long-term fate. If too short, fate came out of the short. Many people have only a short marriage pattern, the result is not only late marriage, and married a few years away. Of course, the subject of marriage, not only just look at a marriage line, you must also reference to the emotions. In addition, the fate of the line and the mound of Venus on the influence line can not be ignored.