What's fate for people with high forehead?


Feng Shui numerology believes that people's good or ill luck from the perspective of the face is mainly concluded from the forehead, because the forehead is in charge of the middle of forhead and other parts of our face. It determines our wealth luck, love luck and so on. So what's fate for people with high forehead?

Are people with high forehead clever?

People with high forehead are generally very clever. This idea has a scientific reason, people with relatively large cranial cavity can have good brain development, so such people are always very smart.

Are people with high forehead lucky?

Not all people with particularly high forehead are lucky. In general, slightly higher forehead, and plump moist shiny symbol could be the symbols of good luck. If the forehead is high but sharp and narrow, these characteristics are not the symbols of good luck, but the sad physiognomy.

Do people with high forehead have good character?

People with high forehead always look very cultured externally, they seem never get angry. In fact, they always keep angry or anxious state in their hearts, they have no place to lose temper.

How about a woman with high forehead?

A woman with too high and too wide forehead has strong desire, unless your forehead is higher and wider than she or you'd better not marry such a woman. A woman with high forehead is always harmful to her husband or parents.

How about a man with high forehead?

A man with high forehead is very smart, strong and independent. But this kind of man will also provoke bad love disaster. A married man with this physiognomy is very likely to affect his normal marriage life due to the extramarital affair easily. But a man with shiny forehead and beautiful forehead shape without moles nor tumors will have very good wealth fortune. This kind of man will either be the celebrity merchant or high official.

How to determine the level of the forehead?

You'd better determine the level of the forehead from the proportion. The length from hairlines to the place between the eyebrows should be equal to the height from the place between the eyebrows to the nose and the height from nose to the chin. Only the length from the hairlines to the place between the eyebrows is the longest, which is the high forehead. We must not make sweeping generalizations.