Living on too high floor may make you unhealthful

Nowadays there are many big city skyscrapers for office, commercial and residential. The urban people are almost inseparable from the high-rise buildings in living and at work. Small and medium-sized cities are unwilling to be lag behind, more and more high-rise buildings are constructed to reflect the development of the cities.

However, high-rise buildings have some adverse impact on the health of the occupants.

This is because:

First. The magnetic field of the highrise building is not very good

Large number of high-rise buildings' reinforced concrete structures will make the waves and magnetic field of electrical equipments in the buildings go up to the top floor. Therefore, the occupants in the high-rise buildings are more prone to have a headache, have irritable mood, get inflamed or other symptoms.

Second. The gas field of the highrise building is not very good

Some people think that high-level air is better, but in fact the high-level air is not so good as you think.

1, The exhaust gas and other pollutants are concentrated

The exhaust gases emitted from motor vehicles, as well as other pollutants in the air rise up to a certain height, and gradually set down. This height is approximately from the ninth to 20th floors. This gas field naturally is difficult to have a good impact on human health.  

2, Surrounded by the polluted air

In general, the building's air vents are located at the top, the foul air of the entire building will be discharged from the exhaust port, then the more concentrated airflow circle of a dirty gas will be formed around the top of the building.

Third. The highrise buildings have unstable foundation

Traditional architecture pays particular attention the ground gas, courtyard bungalows structure is the concrete manifestation. "He sits no sure that sits too high" also contains the meaning of unstable foundation. Living in high-rise buildings you may be anxious, and worry about wealth , official luck, marriage, love and other aspects.

Fourth. Echo force produce adverse affect

Skyscrapers are not only prone to produce heat island effect and smog, but also form the Echo Valley or Echo Wall, which will expand and reflect the noise on the ground. In fact the force caused by echo has affected to the occupants of high-rise buildings.

Fifth. Some disease patients may produce uncomfortable symptoms

The impact of high-rise buildings in patients with certain diseases may be heavier than most people, especially bronchitis, heart disease, angina, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease patients. They should be careful in choosing high-rise buildings.

Warm Tips: Home fengshui are constituted by all the factors in the home environment, unfavorable composition of factors is possible to form an unfavorable fengshui, thus may have a bad effect on the occupants.