Explanation of Pisces in 12 constellations


Pisces (twelfth house) February 19-20 ~ March 19-20

  • Constellation alias: Pisces in the West and Pisces in the sun. Mistakenly named Nanyu, Tianyu and Shuiyu.
  • Symbolic meaning: Pisces, Pisces and Pisces are combined.
  • Constellation symbol: water sign, feminine changeable constellation, and it is a feminine, mature and amorous constellation.
  • Guardian planets: Jupiter and Neptune.
  • Relative Constellation: Virgo.
  • I believe.
  • Constellation formula: believe that, easy to move.
  • Temple planets: Jupiter and Neptune.
  • Prosperous Planet: Venus.
  • Weak Planet: mercury.
  • Birthstone: Aquamarine
  • Birth flower: Lily, daffodil
  • Birth tree: Willow
  • Suitable color: light green green light pink light purple
  • Lucky metal: Platinum
  • Lucky numbers: 2, 6
  • Suggested gifts for him: Impressionist oil books, artworks, wool hats, gloves, scarves
  • Suggested gifts for her: silver candlestick, tableware, photo frame, small backpack, wool cap, scarf
  • In charge of the star house: the twelfth house, which is in charge of the subconscious, dreams and secret enemies
  • Personality element: negative water image (strong adaptability)
  • Conditions for success: soft hearted, sensitive, selfless, imaginative and artistic talent
  • Bad reviews: weak willed, unrealistic, indecisive and ambiguous
  • Achievement motivation: help to sublimate personal thoughts, experiences and emotional input
  • Related occupations: performing arts, artistic creation, medical care, social workers, writers, navigators, religious communication, fashion and clothing industry
  • Body parts: feet, toes, pineal gland.
  • Constellation diseases: big toe root mucinous bursa inflammation, skin sclerosis, corns and other foot problems.
  • Positive features: considerate, charitable, compassionate, emotional, sacrificial, intuitive, introspective, rhythmic and artistic.
  • Negative characteristics: procrastinating, wordy, melancholy, pessimistic, emotionally stubborn, timid, unrealistic, lazy, and often feel misunderstood.

Pisces is the end of the ancient cycle. The soul after this ancient cycle is a kind of clarity. Perhaps because of this, they are always trapped between spirit and desire, retreating into a dreamland of their own creation. They love to dream and fantasize all the time. They often move this complex to the real environment, which seems unrealistic. However, they are kind-hearted and have the spirit of sacrifice and dedication; They are sensitive, kind, kind, generous, aloof, gentle, and sentimental purists. They are also the most “ Amorous ” One of.

Pisces is an ancient and complex constellation, which contains too many emotions, so it fluctuates greatly in terms of emotions. Contradictions, sharp sensibility, intellectuality, poetry and slender touch have produced unparalleled artistic talents under various impacts. For example, among the classical music experts you have studied, Pisces is the largest of the 12 constellations. Perhaps this is another kind of intoxication.

In a word, this is a mysterious constellation full of divinity, magic, understanding, strong observation, lack of self-confidence, neuroticism (if it is a woman, it is made of tears, a woman among women), weak self-control and fickle.

The constellation symbol of Pisces is that two fish swim in opposite directions, one up and the other down; Nothing can describe Pisces' complex character more correctly than this picture.