To see your marriage from moon sign



Moon Capricorn & mdash& mdash; Family first

People with the moon in Capricorn are loyal and reliable. Generally speaking, their interpersonal network is good, but because they are too old-fashioned and traditional, falling in love is about to get married, so you are very strict and can't tolerate the relationship between dragonfly and water moon mirror. However, if the water is too clear, there will be no fish. In disguise, the overall chance of love will also be reduced. Once you start a relationship, you will give everything for each other, do housework, take care of daily food, and sometimes suffocate each other. Of course, all this is also for the purpose of marriage. The reason why you break up is often due to differences in marriage and marriage date, or you are too jealous. Besides, you don't approve of premarital sex.

  • Talking moon constellation: Lion
  • Marriageable Moon sign: Capricorn
  • Enemy moon constellation: Aries

Moon Aquarius & mdash& mdash; Natural and unrestrained

People with the moon in Aquarius are broad-minded and can accommodate all kinds of people. They will not measure people by their beauty, wealth and educational background. They have a wide circle of friends. But just because you value your personal value and freedom, you will resist when your partner keeps checking you or gets too involved in your life. You are afraid of being constrained, lack of time concept in dating, and even deliberately fly a plane. In the process of honey transportation, you are usually a passive suitee. Due to the importance of friendship, even after marriage, you will maintain a good relationship with your old love, which may dissatisfy your spouse. Also because of the open mind, you will be a good father (good mother).

  • Talk about the moon constellation: Libra
  • Marriageable Moon sign: Gemini
  • Enemy moon constellation: Taurus

Moon Pisces & mdash& mdash; Easily deceived

Moon Pisces is ignorant of world affairs and superstitious about the goodness of human nature. It is often easy to be deceived by Playboy (Miss). You don't know when the other party makes a deal. Therefore, it is recommended that you listen to the opinions of relatives and friends, and even introduce the marriage object through acquaintances. Once you invest in a love, you have the spirit of sacrifice, especially in supporting your partner financially. You are full of compassion, and you care less about money. Once your spouse is also poor in financial management or low in earning ability, you can't bear to be harsh and don't know how to help. As a result, your marriage life is easy to fall into a tight state of being poor in three and rich in five.

  • Talking Moon sign: Cancer
  • Marriageable Moon sign: Scorpio
  • Friend Moon sign: Gemini

Moon Aries & mdash& mdash; When it is strong, it is strong

People with the moon in Aries pursue excitement and enthusiasm. Whenever they encounter obstacles in their love path or have a rival, they will arouse your fighting spirit and love more. On the contrary, when the relationship is stable, you will cool down and even look for new goals. With this idea, the chance of marriage is low. You need to find a versatile and ambitious person who can keep you excited for a long time. At the same time, you should spend some time between pillows.

  • Talking moon constellation: Aries
  • Wedding Moon sign: Lion
  • Enemy moon constellation: Capricorn

Moon Taurus & mdash& mdash; Love bread

Moon Taurus is practical and economic. Before choosing a spouse, its identity, education and wealth have been fully considered. There will never be love without bread. Therefore, your love and marriage are well thought out. There are few mistakes. You are always victorious. However, just because you are too rational, you take the initiative to pursue your goal. In the future, you will try every means to hoop each other. Sometimes you will be too tight and lose the romantic feeling of being ambiguous and inseparable in love. It is also a pity in disguise.

  • Talking moon constellation: Taurus
  • Marriage Moon sign: Capricorn
  • Enemy moon constellation: Aquarius

Moon Gemini & mdash& mdash; Compromise

The dual and even multiple character makes the moon Gemini feel that it is normal to make a coincidence and even count ships at the same time. You like to vote among the stars, so you are a killer (or little witch) in the eyes of others, and you don't bother to distinguish. It's hard to change the nature of the role given by God. I advise you to obey the opinions of your relatives and friends and not to turn in bad people because of greed. At the same time, a wise person will not always linger on the road of choice. Only when he makes the most correct decision at the most appropriate time can he achieve good results.

  • Talking moon constellation: Aquarius
  • Marriage Moon sign: Libra
  • Friend moon constellation: Pisces

Moon Cancer & mdash& mdash; Miss a good time

People with the moon in cancer have a tendency to marry late. Because you pursue absolute perfection and always look forward to the unique prince charming (snow white), the flowers are easy to fade and the years are wasted. It's hard for you to find fun in the ordinary. You don't appreciate the advantages of ordinary objects. Directly, you have a good chance to be single. Once married, because you cherish too much and invest too much in family life, you will quickly age into a living man (teacher's milk), and spoil your children too much, making it difficult for them to stand on their own.

  • Talking Moon sign: Pisces
  • Wedding Moon sign: Scorpio
  • Enemy moon constellation: Aries

Moon Lion & mdash& mdash; Never say tired

The proud moon lion regards his partner as a foil. Generally speaking, you have high requirements for his / her appearance, not handsome men (beautiful women), but the key is that your partner is only used to show your perfection, so his / her conditions should be much higher, but not beyond you. Even after marriage, you are still reluctant to be the core flower butterfly in the outside world, so it is inevitable not to stick to your home. The demands on their children naturally require them to become masters.

  • Talk about the moon constellation: Capricorn
  • Wedding Moon sign: Scorpio
  • Enemy Moon sign: Sagittarius

Moon virgin & mdash& mdash; Strict requirements

If Taurus requires economic conditions, cancer requires romance, and Libra requires moral education, the moon catches all virgins. Be sure to be all round. Decathlon is very greedy. It's a little impractical, but your marriage luck is still good. There are many suitors who are willing to accept your test, and you often show forgiveness when you first meet. When the other party becomes your prisoner, you can carry out the transformation project in your mind for many years. People like their name, you are more conservative about premarital sex. Once you are in harmony, you will be more self-discipline and will be a loyal partner.

  • Talking moon constellation: Virgo
  • Wedding Moon sign: Taurus
  • Enemy Moon sign: Sagittarius

Moon Libra & mdash& mdash; a marriage between families of equal social rank

Although a little untimely, you do have deep feudal thoughts and family views when you are in Libra. Most people's choice of spouse is nothing more than economic conditions, appearance and personality; What you value is each other's family education and background. To put it directly, you are very aristocratic and well matched. Naturally, your spouse is required to be at least an aristocrat in terms of culture and spirituality. It is because of your arrogant standard that you appear cool enough that many suitors are willing to be your candidate. Generally speaking, people whose Moon sign is Libra have good luck in marriage and children.

  • Talk about the moon constellation: Capricorn
  • Marriage Moon sign: Aquarius
  • Friend Moon Star sitting: Cancer

Moon Archer & mdash& mdash; Lover confidant

Moon sign in Sagittarius, you love to travel, there may be exotic love. Your mate selection condition is that you must have the same interests, but because you focus too much on this point, you often only become the & ldquo; Good brother & rdquo; Or & ldquo; Good sister;, In the embarrassing situation that gay friends outnumber heterosexuals. It's just that you are too straightforward and informal, which makes the other party lack curiosity about you. Love history is not good, but you don't think so. You despise all worldly things as romantic & ldquo; Red tape & rdquo;, Such as sending flowers, proposing marriage and putting out wedding wine, you think the marriage certificate is just a dead letter. You advocate cohabitation, but it doesn't affect that you are infatuated with the long sword.

  • Talking moon constellation: Lion
  • Marriage Moon sign: Aries
  • Friend Moon Star sitting: Virgin

Moon Scorpio & mdash& mdash; Want the sea to sink

Scorpio represents sexual desire, which is as urgent as fire. In Scorpio, you often only see emotion as the way to sex. You often hide a mysterious space in your heart and don't want to share it with others. The harsh point is that you are easy to fall into a sexual loveless marriage. Just because you have little experience of empathy, you are stubborn, extreme and jealous, and often doubt your partner's infidelity; On the other hand, you have an affair because you can't suppress your flesh desire. In short, be careful not to get into peach disputes!

  • Talk about the moon constellation: Libra
  • Wedding Moon sign: Taurus
  • Friend Moon Star sitting: Cancer