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To see your marriage from moon sign

Moon Capricorn - Family comes first

If your moon sign is in Capricorn, you will be loyal and reliable. You have good interpersonal networks in general, but because you are too conservative and traditional, you always plan to get married, so you require very strictly, you can not tolerate the superficial or vague relationship. But the water is too clear there are no fish. So you will reduce overall love chance. Once you start a period of love, you will be dead set on anything for the other, you will do housework, take care of the daily diet, and sometimes you may care about the other too much. Of course, this is for the purpose of marriage. The reason to break up is often due to differences in marriage, wedding between two people. You're too easy to be jealous. In addition, you are less in favor of premarital sex.

  • Talk with the moon sign: Leo
  • Suitable moon sign to get married: Capricorn
  • Enemy moon Sign: Aries 

Moon Aquarius - rakish and uninhibited

If your moon sign is in Aquarius, you will be magnanimous, and pardon different kinds of people, will not measure others by the level of beauty and ugliness, rich or poor, education, you can have a wide circle of friends. However, it is because you pay attention to personal values ​​and freedoms, if your partner check or control your live excessively, you will be very resistant. You afraid of being bound, you are lack of sense of time when dating. In the process of love, you are usually passive suitor. You pay attention to friendship, so even after marriage you will also maintain good relationship with the old love, this may make your spouse dissatisfied. You will be a good father (mother) because you are open-minded.

  • Talk with the moon sign: Libra
  • Suitable moon sign to get married: Gemini
  • Enemy moon Sign: Taurus

Moon Pisces - gullible

If your moon sign is in Pisces, you are superstitious that people are basically good, so you are often deceived by Playboy (playgirl), you can not know if the other one cheated you. You'd better listen to the views of the relatives and friends, it is most secure to get married by introduction by acquaintance. Once falling into love, you would like to sacrifice, especially you would support the other in economy. You are very compassionate, care less about the money, if the spouse is also bad at financial management or the earning capacity is low, you can not bear the blame nor know how to assist, thus it is easy to live a hard life.

  • Talk with the moon sign: Cancer
  • Suitable moon sign to get married: Scorpio
  • Enemy moon Sign: Gemini

Moon Aries - becomes strong in case of strong

If your moon sign is in Aries, you are in pursuit of irritation, you are passionate and obstacles or rival would only arouse your fighting spirit. In contrast, when the relationship is stable, you will cool down, and even think to find a new target. Your marriage rate would be low naturally if holding this idea, you need to find a versatile and ambitious lover, who can let you keep the irritation. You'd better pay attention to love life.

  • Talk with the moon sign: Aries
  • Suitable moon sign to get married Sign:Leo
  • Enemy moon Sign: Capricorn

Moon Taurus - love bread

If your moon sign is in Taurus, you are realistic and emphasis on economic efficiency. You will take full account of your lover's identity, qualifications and wealth before choosing, you will never have love without bread. So your love and marriage are well deliberate, you are ever-victorious general. But because you are too rational, once identified the target you will take the initiative to pursue, and try to stick to the other. Sometimes you push the other too tightly, thus losing the sense of ambiguous romantic love, this is a pity.

  • Talk with the moon sign: Taurus
  • Suitable moon sign to get married Sign: Capricorn
  • Enemy moon sign: Aquarius

 Moon Gemini - speculate and manipulate for self-interest

Double and even multiple personalities make Gemini it is a normal state to speculate and manipulate for self-interest. You like to surrounded by others, so you are the killer in the eyes of other's (or witch), you do not bother to distinguish. The role of the providential nature is hard to change, and advise you to obey the opinions of relatives and friends, do not make friends with bad guys for money. A wise person will not have been hovering on the chosen path, you'd better make the right decisions at the most appropriate time, so you can come into fruition.

  • Talk with the moon sign: Aquarius
  • Suitable moon sign to get married Sign: Libra
  • Enemy moon Sign: Pisces

Moon Cancer - repeatedly delayed Wedding

If your moon sign is in Cancer, you may a tendency of late marriage because you are in pursuit of absolutely perfect, always expect your Prince Charming (Snow White), so flowers are easy to wither, you may spend your life in fruitless efforts. It is difficult for you to explore fun in the ordinary life. You have a good chance of single. Once married, because you are too cherish, too devote more time to your family life, you will become aging into a family man (housewife), also very much spoiled your children, as well as make it difficult for them to self-reliance.

  • Talk with the moon sign: Pisces
  • Suitable moon sign to get married Sign: Scorpio
  • Enemy Moon Sign: Aries

Moon Leo - never tireless

Complacency moon Leo regard the partner as a foil product. In general, you have high requirements for your lover. Even if married, you will still concern about the colorful outside world. So you will not stick to home very much. Naturally you will ask your children to become the great people.

  • Talk with the moon sign: Capricorn
  • Suitable moon sign to get married Sign: Scorpio
  • Enemy Moon Sign: Sagittarius

Moon Virgo - strict

If Taurus require economic conditions, Cancer require romantic life, Libra require moral upbringing, then Virgo people require all the above, can be described as very greedy, somewhat unrealistic. Yet your marriage luck is good, there is no shortage of suitors willing to accept your test. You often perform tolerant at the beginning of acquaintance, until the other party became your prey, then you will try to change your lover. You are more old-fashioned for premarital sex, once married you will become more self-discipline, you will be a faithful companion.

  • Talk with the moon sign: Virgo
  • Suitable moon sign to get married Sign: Taurus
  • Enemy moon Sign: Sagittarius

Moon Libra - well-matched

If your moon sign is in Libra, you will have deep feudal ideas and the opinion of family status. Generally people concern about economic conditions, appearance, personality in choosing mate; you value the other's tutor and family background. You are very noble, naturally you ask your spouse to be noble in culture and spirit. It is because of your superior standard that make you cool. In general, you can have good marriage and children luck.

  • Talk with the moon sign: Capricorn
  • Suitable moon sign to get married Sign: Aquarius
  • Lovers moon stars sit: Cancer

Moon Sagittarius - lover and confidant

If your moon sign is in Sagittarius, you love to travel. It is very likely to encounter exotic love. Your standard of choosing mate is that two people must be like-minded, but you often only become the "good brother" or "sister". You can only blame you are too frank and sloppy, make the other lack of curiosity to you. You do not complain. You despise all worldly romantic ways, such as sending flowers, marriage proposal, wedding banquet. You think that the marriage certificate is just a piece of paper. You advocate cohabitation, but it does not affect your loyalty.

  • Talk with the moon sign: Leo
  • Suitable moon sign to get married Sign: Aries
  • Enemy Moon Star ride: Virgo

Moon Scorpio - ups and downs in the ocean of desire

Scorpio are on behalf of the libido, emergency as fire. You only regard the feelings as the way leading to sex, you often hide a mysterious space in your heart, would not like to share with others. You may easily fall into sexual loveless marriage. You have little experience of empathy, you are stubborn, extreme, easy to jealousy, often suspect your partner's unloyalty. On the other hand, you may have an affair due to irrepressible lust desire. All in all, be careful to not mess with love dispute!

  • Talk with the moon sign: Libra
  • Suitable moon sign to get married Sign: Taurus
  • Lovers moon stars sit: Cancer