The constellation partners who will fall into unrequited love?


Aries Male VS Cancer female

Aries boy is particularly easy to be attracted by the Cancer shy girl, mostly because Cancer woman always looks friendly and good-natured, Aries men of course, is a hyperactive child, but want to own the other half is a quiet refined and pure traditional virtues woman, so small Mensao Cancer woman is exceptionally easy to feelings of Aries men beat two people very easily Trick fire! Nothing more than direct Aries man Cancer woman emotions are changeable, are the biggest flaw of this relationship, so they are more and can not stand each other, and finally lead to the break up.

Leo male vs Libra female

Male lion to pick his girlfriend, look sharp, conversation temperament Libra woman is at first glance that type of power to the lion man. Libra women to face the male lion dramatic pursuit, are often hard to resist, and the male lion will show Man, Libra women, can not impede charm. However, the male lion and female scales is a combination of quite easily cools down, both sides have their own social space, but the style is different galaxy's, and finally, of course, is breaking up.

Virgin Male VS Geminin female

Virgin male really easy and tension, nothing more than the face of the the approachable Gemini girls, not only between the two topic, and many others frequently have no way to understand the spark, with Gemini, for virgin male courteous attitude very a good impression, the two feelings are often easily cultured in a short period of time. However, the Virgin boys love harsh habits, Gemini girls love to argue, will spark love growing, the last spark into a fire, and finally gone to break up soon a passer-by.

Aquarius male VS Capricorn female

The Aquarius male Capricorn women easily covered hobby, Capricorn women tend to belong to the type of the iceberg ladies, for the love Funny Aquarius male, of course, to find ways to conquer this piece of iceberg for personality than slow heat Capricorn women, these weird is really quite interesting, also contributed to the two people together! However, two human personality is just the opposite, Aquarius male cold outside the heat, the Capricorn women Raisin, get along very easily, even if the quarrel is Cold War dominated the ultimate breaking up very easily.

Capricorn Male VS Taurus female

Capricorn men are engaged in an ambiguous group, discharge his Taurus woman, their reaction will be quite enthusiastic group plus are a little Mensao types of of two people, as long as the call is often the situation out of hand. These two constellations love period full of short, not do not like to fall in love, but two people are too pragmatic, feelings cools down speed is several times faster than any other constellation, the last is likely to die a natural death.