How do 12 star girls choose when they fall in love with the same person as their girlfriends


Before every girl's right person appears, her best friend is the most irreplaceable and important existence in their life. But when true love strikes, many people will inevitably become & ldquo; Color over friend & rdquo; Get up. So, if love and friendship hit a car, what would 12 constellations girls do? Broadly speaking, of course, it is nothing more than & ldquo; Give up & rdquo; And & ldquo; Stick to & rdquo; Two results. But specific to 12 star women, the process of realizing these two results is ever-changing! Today's star picking factory & mdash; Star bar will take you into the inner world of girls!

Falling in love with the same person with your best friend is troublesome, but not everyone will encounter it. What obstacles do you have on the road of love? Free Vesta reveals the dark side of marriage

ARIES: how can this be! You're still not my sisters?!

Aries women are always cheerful. This straightforward character makes them use & ldquo; when they are really angry; Violent & rdquo; To describe. Therefore, when the Aries girl finds out that her best friend and she are in love with the same person, her first reaction is absolutely furious & mdash& mdash; You know, Aries is not a constellation famous for self-examination! Therefore, the reaction of the Aries girl at this time is mostly to blame her best friend and herself for robbing, rather than calm down and think about what to do in the future to continue to maintain the sisterhood. It's even possible to say anything that hurts your feelings in a hurry!

Taurus: it seems good to talk about the person we like together!

Taurus woman's character is like a cup of warm water. Because it is too close to the body temperature, she always lacks a sense of existence even when holding it in her hand, but such water is very comfortable to drink. The girl who has practiced the habit of being a Taurus may know that she has a good habit of being a Taurus. Therefore, even if a bad thing like a best friend falling in love with the same person happens, they will calmly comfort each other: it's okay, everything has one disadvantage and one advantage.

Gemini: love is a first come, first served thing!

Whenever there is a need to make a choice, the two children are always willing to quickly show a clear-cut position, as if they don't express their views. In fact, they are afraid that if they express their opinions too late and are robbed by others, their remarks will become a follower of others, which makes their two children very unbearable. Similarly, compared with who is more dominant in this competition, the two children are more concerned that they can't make a clear first impression in that man's heart. Therefore, when the two children find themselves falling in love with the same person as their best friend, they will certainly seize the opportunity to express themselves!

Cancer: in my heart, sisters are higher than men.

Although Cancer woman is very gentle, she is also very shy. Instead of having a large group of friends around them at any time, as most girls do, they prefer to maintain close and trusted friendships with only one or two close friends. Although such girlfriends are not related by blood, they are almost the same as their families. If this kind of thing may cause sisters to turn against each other, even if it is just to avoid the potential danger, cancer women will definitely quickly withdraw from the love scene of the upcoming war.

Leo: what's great about men? Let me go!

Lion girlfriend is a bold and unrestrained elder sister in the circle of friends. They want face, respect morality and like to hold their heads high in the eyes of everyone's admiration. They absolutely disdain to publicize their private affairs for emotional matters. Besides, lioness has a little & ldquo; Feminism & rdquo; In order to prove this, they sometimes even deliberately show their appreciation of single life in a more intense way. In view of the above reasons, when the lion girl encounters the embarrassment of two women competing for husband, the most likely thing is to shake her hair and walk away with a big step.

VIRGO: it's enough for me to know this. I'm the only one to be sad!

Virgos are thoughtful and always put themselves in the position of others, and take each other's worries and joys as their own worries and joys. Many virgins maintain the same position with their girlfriends, and their motivation is not necessarily the moral code they usually care about, but only their girlfriends' likes and dislikes; But at the same time, they always have Virgo's unique objective rationality in their hearts. Therefore, for virgin girls, when they learn that they and their girlfriends are in love with the same man, they will quickly analyze & ldquo; Uncover the window paper & rdquo; And weigh the benefits and disadvantages of various practices. In the end, most of them choose to keep silent about this complex situation and bear all the pressure by themselves.

LIBRA: there is no grass at the end of the world! Sister, look over there, look over there & hellip& hellip;

There is no doubt about the importance of the existence of girlfriends for Libra women who care about social life, but Libra women also have persistent faith in love. These two needs seem incompatible, but the Libra woman who is familiar with the way of life can resolve their contradictions in one fell swoop through ingenious ways & mdash& mdash; Introduce other excellent men into the life of their girlfriends, and properly fan the wind and drum for them, and then sit and wait for the water to come!

Scorpio: better broken than broken.

What do Scorpio women worry about in love when the heterosexual edge is always high enough to make other constellation girls envy? Of course, I'm worried that my emotional experience is not vigorous enough! Besides, Scorpio women always have high vision, so it's normal for them that the man they fall in love with also becomes the target of other girlfriends. However, Scorpio women will not give up love for friendship. They must do it when it's time to do it, and then there's still time to repair their friendship.

Sagittarius: what are you worried about? Love and friendship are two different things!

Many people envy the happy nature of Sagittarius women. Such a character is like a gift from God, protecting their hearts and rarely being hurt by the outside world. When they don't care at all, no matter how big the storm is caused by the outside world, it will only increase the difficulty of action and won't cause them mental distress. Therefore, even if she falls in love with the same man as her best friend, the Sagittarius woman will only shrug her shoulders and say & ldquo; There's no way & rdquo;, At the same time, he also stubbornly believes that the real friendship will not be affected by this kind of thing, because who wins and who loses is entirely the decision of the man, which has nothing to do with the feelings between sisters.

CAPRICORN: can't you really have both fish and bear's paw?

Whether dealing with career troubles or emotional problems, Capricorn woman has always adhered to a pragmatic attitude. The so-called pragmatism is naturally to strive for the maximum benefit or to minimize the loss. Specific to & ldquo; What should I do if my best friend falls in love with the same man; On this issue, Capricorn women's goal is naturally to keep their friendship with their girlfriends and succeed in pursuing love; But they are also very calm and know that the gains and losses of love cannot be transferred by their own will. So to take a step back, even if you lose in love, you won't let yourself be frustrated.

Aquarius: it's not my fault to preempt!

Aquarius women will make intimate girlfriends not by virtue of the inherent personality advantages of women such as tenderness and consideration, but by virtue of the characteristics of many ghost ideas, quick ideas, funny words and so on. Therefore, although Aquarius women often attach great importance to their girlfriends, they still can't help making small calculations at this critical moment: of course, sisterhood can't be easily damaged, but if I & ldquo; Inadvertently & rdquo; Show that he has been interested in me. Can this make his best friend give up his heart in advance?

Pisces: let's play fair by means!

Pisces women's personality not only has the side of kindness to weakness, but also regards love as the supreme existence in life. When these two personalities fight between heaven and man in their hearts, which one will prevail? Pisces doesn't even know this & mdash& mdash; Because their mind is changeable, it is likely that today is one idea and tomorrow is another idea. Therefore, in the end, Pisces women mostly choose the way of resignation to avoid contradictions: real love will not bow in front of other troubles. Whether he is the right one or not, let's wait for him to make a statement. It's no use fighting or letting between us!