Whom are 12 constellations unsuitable to fall in love with?

Should not love the constellation Aries : Capricorn, Cancer , Leo

Aries is always that children love, both willful and playful temper, and everything thinks about himself first, and less likely to consider each other's feelings. Capricorn personality intellect, maturity, will be particularly hard to accept the abstract Aries lover, perhaps at first feeling of two complementary personality to take very, but slowly may lukewarm, the last hastily broke up; Cancer in love is always easy to feel a high level of low need of comfort, the Aries feel bored; Leo Also not to be offended, usually can not stand Aries wayward last two fire signs World War I, of course, is the war-torn, out of control.

Some sort of relief program : Aries usually after the honeymoon period for various conditions before, as long as the emotional stability, their usual bold aesthetic acts betrays itself, it is easy to let the other half dumbfounded, remember, although the honeymoon period is over , or a little note image is!

Should not love the constellation Taurus : Pisces , Scorpio , Aquarius

Most Taurus do not understand how to express love in a romantic way, is also very easy to the wrong gesture, for the romantic Pisces for water, at the beginning may be Taurus mature attractive, and finally can not stand boring but to leave; Scorpio with Taurus began as a love full point, but after spending time with easily kicked up, and finally fell out; the bottle usually somehow fell in love with Taurus, but the lightning love, usually not long after lightning broke up, and the last It is never in contact with.

Some sort of relief programs : Taurus is really good practice eloquence, and remember that this interpretation, it is necessary to good to get things clear, if only to keep our noses to say nothing, no one will know what you're thinking, encountered the three constellations, consider Write a card or writing a love letter to express to make up for the lack of words.

Gemini should not love Horoscope: Virgo , Scorpio, Leo

Gemini love is always very exciting, ex-lover, former schoolmates sister and countless ambiguous objects, to let Gemini's love life colorful, but also allow the incumbent Valentine gotcha endless, for the feelings got a little older Virgo, in addition to so emotional control, will bother to make a nervous breakdown; Scorpio face of Fa lover action is quite Henla to tooth for a tooth means making out; Leo can not tolerate Valentine Daochuliuqing of a crying two busy three hanging is a common practice, according to three meals every day plus supper roaring anger, will allow Gemini shunned it!

Sort of relief program : cut off the twin peach is probably a bit difficult, but at least you have to remember which is the sense of proportion, this is not just a responsible attitude of love, but also a lover respect, it is best when a law-abiding good lover!

Cancer should not love Star sign: Gemini, Aries, Sagittarius

Cancer in love considerable fear of injury, especially Valentine's words, it will allow the Cancer mood ups and downs, more can be said is like the weather - Partly Cloudy with showers. Gemini love jokes usually easy to offend somehow Cancer, and always noisy end; speech directly Aries, although more than half of all unintentional, but has also been out of control enough to let the spirit of the Cancer; shooter which pot does not open the mention which pot idiot act, every word can make Cancer explosion!

Sort of relief program : Valentine's talking about anything, do anything, enough to make the Cancer mood greatly affected, the Cancer To try to distinguish between what is a joke, which is just a temporary angry words, or met the above three constellations, but would be very difficult to live.

Should not love the constellation Leo: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Leo

Lion discussion love always used to control his lover, this control is a bit like the king of people that way, and often are Shuoyibuer, the other was not allowed to say, but usually if there are free practice a Sagittarius, not only uncontrollable, but also be kicked up a particularly noisy; when caught in a very assertive Capricorn, Leo wayward will only make the emotional break; lion encounter lion is a disaster each other like quarrelsome lovers in general, noisy pretty OK, but in the end to turn against the end difficult to pack.

Sort of relief program : Collapse love of temper! Leo in love is a king or a queen, but Valentine is not your slaves, too authoritarian attitude will only gas to go lover, especially the case of the root might not do these three constellations Leo or turn a blind eye free to get the final tragic situation to become a major headache.

Virgo should not love Star sign: Taurus, Gemini, Sagittarius

Virgo easily among the feelings of quiet dedication into a humble little man or a small daughter, this is a love efforts performance, but if there are a little greedy Taurus, his dedication as easily as is should let Virgo at heart feel like I owe a debt never not finished; caught in a playboy reputation Gemini, Virgo dedication did not catch the heart of the twin; the face do not want to be Sagittarius, Virgo dedication and sacrifice tied only is superfluous.

Some sort of relief programs : as long as the mind is put back into himself, the feelings can become quite smoothly, remember to put its own RBI, the other will be more love you as long as the Virgo is very happy, very good condition, feelings on will be very happy, over too much dedication will only make each other feel too cheap not know to cherish it!

Should not love the constellation Libra : Aries, Cancer, Taurus

Libra people in love are very concerned about the fair, but fair standards are often set himself under Valentine's performance scales feel a little balance between effort and accept that the other party may be necessary to more carefully ! Aries such things people consider their position, Libra will feel by the unequal treatment; caught in a relatively large changes in emotional Cancer, Libra feel do not know how to get the go; addition, when Libra met the very accounting than Taurus, you will find that the standard deviation of two people, just discussed Fair or not noisy finish.

Some sort of relief program : in fact, good-tempered Libra is not easy to come across too many emotional problems, but sometimes harsh fair standard lover will feel not good enough to complain about is the endless debate situation, it is recommended Libra or standard play relaxed, I could be more cheerful.

Scorpio should not love Constellation: Aquarius, Pisces, Libra

Scorpio in love which are possessive side, coupled with their intuitive, as long as the Valentine's a sign of trouble they immediately clear picture, but this habitual liar and Aquarius constellation love, Scorpio is usually a day of the week is a gotcha that many times, until they broke up; the face always arbitrary discharge Pisces, Scorpio is often difficult to accept, but do not control, whom angry; good deeds on behalf of Libra, because they do not know how to resist the temptation, always make Scorpio easily gotcha, how there is always a rush to finish the third party Libra side.

Some sort of relief program : relax a little bit! Daily deadly chain call is not a good way to learn to trust Valentine's drive away to the other side than the oppressive rule well Moreover, if the other party really wants to lie to you, even if the Scorpio caught had no alternative, but still try to avoid love people too much with the peach.

Should not love the constellation of Sagittarius: Cancer, Taurus, Libra

Sagittarians love attitude is a bit loose, they will think about the future together with this man, if only a short-term affair to pass the time, they will not put too much thought in love, too more to concentrate not specifically situation, when the constellation Cancer innocent and sensitive, Cancer is easy to feel the shooter fickle specialized, the quarreling is difficult to avoid; Taurus lasting lover, Sagittarius kind of rejection also throw off the sense of boredom, may eventually become the enemy; hard to bear it dependent character of Libra, Sagittarius and Libra love, making it easy to noisy constantly separated.

Some sort of relief program Sagittarius: Love is a very mature type, however, due to the high standard proposal, easy looking any, or are not satisfied with the current object, and let the other half aware fickle, it is recommended Sagittarius enter a period of love, talk to like yourself to understand deep enough later to consider together!

Capricorn should not love Star sign: Gemini, Aries, Pisces

Capricorn love problem is that attitude is too cold, although this is their natural character, always indifferent is not to be able to stand each constellation, in particular, like the lively Gemini, often it is easy to because feel boredom Lingjiexinhuan, which makes the proud Capricorn will have a lifetime of pain; playful face like an iceberg Capricorn Aries enthusiasm faded, and the rest can only be dissatisfaction and grievances ; Pisces will create a romantic, but Capricorn is too lazy to pay attention, and finally only the great rage Pisces.

Sort of relief program : cool not a bad thing, but love is the temperature too cool attitude in the face of love, Capricorn feelings will only make the road more rugged, Capricorn for a long time to understand your lover, If it is love at first sight love, I am afraid there is no way this love lasting.

Should not love the constellation Aquarius: Capricorn, Aquarius, Virgo

The Aquarius Love is boil the water, slowly heated to a temperature in order to reach the boiling point. If I run across a calm Capricorn, I am afraid to talk about love is from start to finish, the bleak ending the high probability; encounter with Aquarius lover, circle of friends, a big change, it is easy because each development evolved to the point of mutual betrayal, ending, of course, difficult to see; and the Virgin discussion love, usually the beginning of the development is great, but more and more demanding of Virgo, only forced Aquarius furious fell out.

Some sort of relief programs : Aquarius has Fa behavior, but in fact the face of love, Aquarius is very serious business type, but sometimes too erratic attitude, elusive, it is more easy for feelings cooling, it is recommended that the water bottle Block to learn to attach importance to a festival to get along, including Valentine's Day, birthday, can make a lot of emotional heat!

Pisces should not love Star sign: Scorpio, Virgo, Libra

Love the master and his ilk Pisces, in the face of love, the biggest problem is less the ability to resist the pressure, in the face of pressure is easy to escape, and easily encounter a new object, but also makes Pisces romance vigorous, especially the case of the occupies the heart of Scorpio, would only find a relationship a lot of pressure, and finally Pisces can not stand dismal end; while face of Virgo attitude to everything to figure out, a lot of Pisces will only feel that they face on a daily basis chatter the pressure fell to quarrel staged every day; encounter as Libra is the master of love, this affair is likely to become the situation of the spy game, mutual master cheating infidelity

Some sort of relief program : Pisces try in the face of emotional problems or pressure, to the courage and perseverance to face, to escape may suspend moment, but a long time to escape the pressure built up, it will be overwhelmed by love the last straw.