• Brand name: the lovers
  • Keywords: choice, love, sex, union, romantic
  • Astrology: Gemini
  • Four elements: wind

Deck description

The lovers card takes the garden of Eden as the background and the love story of Eve as the background to explain the true meaning of love. In the card picture, Adam and Eve are on both sides. Under their feet is a fertile land, full of vitality. They feel the romance and warmth of love in the blessing of angels. Angels wear purple robes, which are said to represent the loyalty of love, while slightly open arms indicate the importance of communication in love. Adam on the right is staring at eve, while Eve is looking up at the angel. In addition, the angel is looking down at Adam and Eve. This visual cycle symbolizes the level changes between subconsciousness, consciousness, super consciousness and material, spirit and morality, and also implies the transmission between rationality and sensibility. Eve's background is the tree of knowledge. There are five apples on the tree, symbolizing five senses. There is a snake winding around it. The snake here represents the latent wisdom. Behind Adam is the tree of life, on which there are twelve flames, symbolizing the 12 constellations and the fire of desire.

The card lovers is very easy to cause ambiguity. Most people see “ Lovers ” These two words are naturally associated with love. In fact, lovers do not necessarily mean a love relationship. If we must say that this card is related to a love relationship, then the lovers card is actually more like a foreplay of a relationship. The real relationship has not yet started. The parties may have thought of “ Love ” This word, but has not really fallen into a love relationship. Sometimes, the appearance of lover card has nothing to do with interpersonal relationship. As a single card, the most commonly used meaning is actually: choice and communication.

Perhaps it is because love often means choosing a certain person as an object among many people, so the meaning of choosing lovers is very strong. Whenever we are faced with a choice, lovers will emerge. In the two choice card array, lovers appear at the starting point from time to time. This is a neutral card, representing “ Face the choice ” In such a state, before the parties make a choice, things will not develop in any direction. Naturally, this card will not generate any good or bad judgments. Lovers are a turning point, but before you turn, it is just a point.

Love is “ Talk about ” So it is not surprising that the card of lovers has the meaning of communication. Just this “ Communication ” It is more extensive and no longer limited to lovers. Interestingly, the most frequent communication is not between lovers, but between friends. Maybe two people in love are actually immersed in their own fantasies about each other. Although love talks are endless, they can not be considered as communication. Therefore, the most common situation for lovers is that two friends are very chatty. Above Youda, lovers are not full. Will you become lovers in the end? Go back to the above “ Select ” That one. In addition, if it appears in the suggestion item, the lover means that two people should communicate more to solve the problem.

As I said before, only a few tarot cards have a very stable relationship with the stars. The lover is one of them, and its corresponding constellation is Gemini. I can't remember how many times I drew lovers from the relationship card array, and I learned that the other side, or the other side of the other side, is a Gemini. Therefore, all the problems of the lover card can be solved with the interpretation of Gemini. If you draw a lover from the other side, the other side is either a Gemini or a Gemini like person &mdash& mdash; A versatile flower heart radish. Gemini's personality is smart and a little frivolous &mdash& mdash; Does this sound familiar? Yes, Gemini students and magicians are very similar, because the guardian star of Gemini is the corresponding star of magicians &mdash& mdash; Mercury. Therefore, please refer to the paragraphs about mercury in the magician for the following conclusions.

So many things have nothing to do with love. In fact, lovers are not completely irrelevant to love. But it is not the main card in love, but the strengthening card. That is, when the lover card appears alone, it does not contain the meaning of love. If it appears at the same time with other love cards, it has an emphasis and affirmation on the love card. For example, the Holy Grail II has the meaning of intimate relationship. If you add lovers, it can be determined that it is a love relationship; Coin 10 means the substantial foundation of stability and tradition. With lovers, it may be marriage.

Positive meaning

1. Basic meaning

Key words: happy meeting, working together, feeling congenial, feeling rich, bright future, falling in love, sorting out thoughts.

Lover is a card of decision, and unless the customer asks a specific question, it usually refers to a decision about the relationship. It may be describing the process of being immersed in love, because it can mean the beginning of a sexual relationship, or the romantic class. The lover card can also be used to describe the decision to keep the old relationship or turn into a new one. It implies that you have grown from past experience, so you can safely move to a new stage.

2. Love and marriage

Key words: get to know each other in group activities and then get married, get to know each other through friends, get married, have friends and become lovers, and have free and happy exchanges.

The lover card indicates a new relationship, or a new stage of an existing relationship. This card can also represent the decision to love or start a new relationship, so that the new relationship or new stage can start safely. It can also describe a romantic who is in love or in a relationship. It indicates that romantic love will come. The two people have a harmonious and sweet relationship and long-term stability.

3. Work and study

Key words: meet great opportunities that determine the future, succeed through teamwork, have keen observation, have good helpers, have excellent grades in favorite subjects, be good at liberal arts or art subjects, and make progress due to mutual learning and assistance.

Love gives you great power. You may achieve great success in your work and career, accumulate considerable wealth economically, and overcome difficult diseases in health. You are facing a choice at work. This decision will have a positive impact on your work or career; It may seem that there is no prospect at the beginning, but after a period of gestation, we can see concrete results.

4. Interpersonal wealth

Key words: no financial troubles, good partners, good interpersonal relations, smooth community activities, increased friends, easy to get close to others, lively, cheerful and humorous A lucky partnership, such as an alliance. The opportunity for friendship loomed before us.

Through a partnership with a corporate group or a partner, you can make quite good profits; Or because of your partner, you can get quite a lot of wealth. Now is also a good time for you and your partners to start a business together. You can work together to achieve your goals and earn a large amount of money.

5. Healthy life

More general comments with friends are helpful to relieve pressure, and clothes lack fashion elements. He is used to absorbing medical knowledge from many aspects. If he is ill, you will see several doctors to understand the diagnosis results and suggestions of all parties, and then decide whether to receive medical treatment or change your life style.

6. Other

Happy short trips and pleasant excursions bring good luck.

Inverse meaning

The difference between the reverse position and the positive position of the lover card is not big, and it still has the meaning of choice. It's just that lovers tend to “ Select start ”, The parties also have more initiative, and the reverse position tends to “ Select end ”, The parties are also forced to choose (accept). A card turns into a reverse position, which is often caused by the delay caused by insufficient external conditions or the internal resistance of the parties. If what should have happened has not happened and the fact that should have been accepted has not been accepted, Tarot will express this situation in the form of inversion. People often hesitate and evade when facing choices, and fear to assume the responsibility brought about by their own choices. As a result, they lose the initiative. However, whether it is an active choice or a passive choice, it is always the parties themselves who bear the consequences. Lovers are an opportunity. Seizing this opportunity to choose the direction you want is what wise people should do.

1. Basic meaning

Key words: injury and separation, end of relationship, unhelpful, encountering danger and obstacles, shifting goals, hobbies can't last long, listless, inconsistent in appearance and in appearance, vulnerable to temptation.

It represents desire, dissatisfaction, sentimentality and indecision, which means that any efforts to pursue a new stage of mutual relations can only be based on expectations and dreams, or it is better to maintain the status quo. It may also imply the end of a relationship, or a destructive relationship, and imply evasion of responsibilities and commitments.

2. Love and marriage

Key words: cold relationship, empathy, fickleness, short-term love, breaking up, no way to win the heart.

Indicates frustration or failure of marriage or love, cold love or evasive love. It is a mistake to choose each other from a certain point of view. If two people want to combine, they will face big problems! First of all, the biggest obstacle for two people to be together should be solved. It is difficult for a love that is not blessed to have results. In the unstable love itself, you need to be careful. There may already be a third person between the two, and there is a great probability that the relationship will end because they can't support this fruitless love and have a new person.

3. Work and study

Key words: wrong decision, no plan, unable to persevere, lack of attention, failure to speak, no effort, low learning efficiency, poor performance. Unstable and unsustainable.

Your communication ability with others is very poor, your interpersonal relationship has been uncoordinated, and your understanding of yourself is insufficient. You can't find a balance between reality and fantasy. You always want to find a new breakthrough in your current job; If there is no opportunity, you will want to leave the existing environment and develop in a new direction. But now is not the time. It is safer for you to stay in the original environment and affairs. It will take some time to break through.

4. Interpersonal wealth

Key words: large expenses, lack of funds, money, impulsive, friends do not help, disagreement, team dissolution, can not make good friends. Improper partnership or alliance, breach of trust or mistrust.

The most serious problem in your financial affairs is the imbalance between your income and expenditure. You don't have the concept of financial management, and you can't control your desire for shopping and pleasure, so you often have financial difficulties.

5. Healthy life

Irritable food causes gastrointestinal dysfunction, cosmetics allergy and dysmenorrhea. You don't know how to arrange your life in a balanced way. You may be too busy at work, or your life may be too idle, or you may not eat in moderation. In short, most of your health problems are caused by bad living habits.

6. Others

They are unable to persevere, have unclear goals, are prone to temptation, clumsy, unhappy and depressed.