Which constellation has strong sense of self-protection

Self-protection is one of our instincts, it can make yourself suffer less injury. But the half is more than the whole.especially less, if self-protection is too strong, his heart will often closed, makes it difficult approached, so although they have been avoiding harm, but also lost a lot of close friends handed opportunities Life will be flies more lonely. A look at what's inside the 12 constellations strong sense of self-protection.

First: Cancer

 Cancer is the first summer constellation summer the reclusive, conservative-minded and sensitive character brings this constellation, they are very good at self-protection, for fear of being hurt themselves, often intentionally or unintentionally, in looking for a protection, both others also have their own. For Cancer, it is the first important sense of security, only feel it is safe to be alert mind completely relaxed. Meanwhile, in order this sense of security, Cancer would rather let their house at home, preferring to endure the lonely heart, rarely confide their thoughts to others, even if it is closest family too.

Second: Scorpio

 Scorpio self-protection awareness is very important, which is a constellation of high alertness, if eaten in bitterness on something that will definitely "eat a cut, a wisdom", the next will never again In the same issue and fell somersaults. But the cost of doing so is that it will better protect yourself is hard to open their hearts to accept others. Scorpio become familiar with only a handful of people, in which very few people there may not have confided scorpion willing candid minds of the object. Scorpio haunting loneliness so accustomed to living alone, even if injured, they would quietly hidden in the crowd, enjoy pain, do not let someone else have a shred of noticeable.

Third: Libra

Libra constellation elegant and easygoing, but naturally sensitive, strong sense of self-protection. Easygoing personality makes some scales are missing assertive, easy to be around other people's opinions, but too afraid of being laughed at or cold, wrapped in layers of scales will own up their minds rarely tell a friend. Although in my circle of friends, Libra always played the role of peacemaker, problem-solving difficulties adjusting for others, but turn to themselves, things become very troublesome, because candidly reveal their minds to others on the scales is really very difficult.

Fourth: Capricorn

Capricorn when dealing with people who are always in keeping with a touch of distance, not that he has anything to someone special vigilance, but do not want to expose his private life in front of people, unless you really found his man, or really The hard close to his heart. Capricorn is very calm, cool a little lack of passion, they are very sensible, not an impulse nonsense. They can easily become the elite of society, with a strong work ethic, but it is also lonely, because self-protection is too strong, too scared by others a glimpse into the true self.

Fifth: Sagittarius

Sagittarians Although outwardly looks very sunny and cheerful, in fact, they have a strong defensive mentality, their hearts hard to really believe others. So, if not necessary, do not go to inquire about their life or some private things, so that makes them feel very rude, and very exclusive. Sagittarius love themselves far more than love others, the first one is always the eyes themselves, must not be tolerated any one stain on his things happen. So whether it is in a dating or pick your own other half are considered very comprehensive, how each other's character, on their own how, until fully find out the ins and outs before deciding whether their contacts, is to protect themselves from harm.