Which constellation likes to play deep-drowned?

First: Capricorn

Capricorn prefer to play deep-drowned, sometimes they will sprout out of compassionate emotion. They have full of talents and strength, but are inferior to express themselves, give people a sense of distance. Capricorn people are kind in born, feelings are very fragile, perhaps will be sad because of some small things for a long time, so they always show cool and isolated. In fact, they just do not want to let others see the vulnerable side. Strong, sensible, bear are pronouns of Capricorn. They are not very casual to express their thought, they want to know the characters of everyone around, not because of curiosity, but only because of a sense of security. Caprecorn produced a special ability in order to protect themselves.

Naturally shy Capricorn people are very difficult to express their feelings. Saturn forces make them become strong and tough. Capricorn people like to take care of others and pray for others quietly. They have strongest sense of social morality. Strong sense of justice coupled with the warm appearance, there are many gifted scholars come from.

You may think that Capricorn people are shrewd and deep, and good at calculating, it is not true in fact. Capricorn people were born in the cold winter, which make them have a more profound understanding of the world, you are also good at observing the real thing, but they are still in the habit of doing things step by step, even though they already know the ending.

Second: Scorpio

Scorpio people were born in the late autumn, they like to live in quiet, meaning quiet. They care about feelings and neglect fame and gain, they have talent to become famous and get rich. In Astrology book, Scorpio born in the late autumn are the most complex, because they can portray themselves into suitable role according to requirement, they are good at wearing a mask to live. But the powerful id in heart will make them involuntarily reveal scorpion's cold and gloomy sides. Almost no scorpion can escape this point. Strong emotions are Scorpio's most popular feature, they have abnormal red-hot emotions, but mostly hidden too deep, usually they appear to be relatively pleasant people, generally do not erupt. They will have strong deterrent effect when breaking out.

Scorpio people have intense and deep emotions, but they are buried deep inside most of the time, they often give cold and indifferent impression from the appearance. They are not used to indicate their minds to friends too, thus others can not understand their pains, and always think that they do not care about others and therefore always have misunderstanding.

Scorpions always gives cold, chilling feeling. They may look frosty, in fact, secretly they will observe everyone, scheming deep. They have keen intuition and are 100% accurate in watching people, even if they know the truth but they will not easily expose it, because they do not want to poke the nose into other people's business. Scorpion will speak the truth quietly. This is their powerful place. Do not offend scorpions!

Third: Aquarius

Do you see what a bottle looks like? Mouth is too small to step in, but if you can enter the bottle, you really will see a very broad space, so do Aquarius people. Aquarius people's hearts are deep like ocean. You think they do not know, in fact they would have understood.

Aquarius have always been like loners, so no one can see through their minds. However, they like to think and they have a way to reach their goals step by step, they always can manipulate others in order to reach the goal freely. You'd better control your own behavior, especially the details, because they particularly like to observe people from the details. They are powerful ruthless roles.