Which constellation has the shortest shelf life in love?


Although "A girl always falls in love with a bad guy", but every woman wants to have long shelf life in love! So you'd better observe which constellation man can have strongest endurance! Do not let yourself regret.

First: Sagittarius

Sagittarius is very fickle in love obviously, so it is understandable that he keeps the shortest "shelf life". Sagittarius can not be quiet down, always keep looking for new love, it seems that only the fresh love can let him has momentum to pursue, he can always keep brief period of enthusiasm. If you have the ability to make Sagittarius dead set on something, so your skill must be outstanding. If you can not tie him, you'd better stop early, lest "draw water with a sleve."

Second: Gemini

Gemini men are always manyfacted, they have two or more personalities, they have perfect eloquence and quick reaction,  have a strong curiosity for new things. Love in their eyes is the world's game, chasing new romance is their nonstop pursuit. It is simply impossible for Gemini men to keep lasting endurance on a love affair, unless you will give him a fresh interest in you forever.

Third: Pisces

Although Pisces men are not fickle in love, but because they are indecisive, they will be often in a dilemma of its own contradictions. They are good, do not know how to say no, do not make the others disappointed, so they often do some decisions that they can not understand. In order to prevent your lover from making the wrong decision in wandering, you'd better pay more attention and give him the right direction in his anxiousness. So you can keep your love.

Fourth: Aquarius

Aquarius men are intelligent with philosophical nature, like the pursuit of new things. In their concept kissing is like greeting, they are casual and free, also have relatively simple attitude toward love. They will never fall in love seriously, so they will not fall into the swamp of love. So if you do not have enough charm, do not provoke Aquarius.

Fifth: Libra

Speaking of flirting expert, we should not drop Libra. This constellation has many attractive men and women with good natural face. Libra men have a strong tendency to enjoy the fun of love, they will not miss any opportunity around, they like to have secret male-female relationships. If you fall in love with Libra unfortunately, the you have to stay in mind, be careful of his underground activities!

Sixth: Aries

Aries men can only keep brief period of enthusiasm, they will start to pursue new love if they have no interest in the present love. So the only way to let impatient Aries cannot bear to see you leave is to keep himself at arm's length, so that he will never be unpredictable you and always keeps a fresh feeling for you. But this is somewhat difficult!