Why does improper home layout also affect your appearance?

In life, some people are getting younger and younger, while others are prone to aging. In addition to fatigue factors, we can also find reasons from home layout;

Improper air conditioning arrangement

If the air conditioner is used too much, the skin will deteriorate. The wind of the air conditioner is not as good as the natural wind, which will take away the moisture on people's skin. Perhaps the summer is relatively wet, and we don't notice it. When it comes to autumn, we immediately see that the skin is dry, inelastic and dull, so the air conditioning position at home should be arranged to avoid blowing directly into the face!

Irregular space

Today's buildings are more diversified. Regardless of function and appearance, they are designed more avant-garde. However, they can be used as exhibition venues and restaurants, but they are not suitable for offices or residential houses.

Because a person who has been in an irregular space for a long time is easy to think delicately and think more things. Especially for women in this space, the spirit will affect the body, which will directly reflect on the face. Can they still be beautiful when they look haggard and depressed?

Closed static gas field environment

I like staying at home without going out. In a relatively closed environment, it is OK if it is for a short time. If it is for a long time, it will affect people's health and face. Life lies in exercise. People's Qi and blood are in exercise and metabolism. Your environment should also exercise, spit out the old and accept the new. Now many people have no worries about food and clothing. They like to stay at home, surf the Internet, watch TV, chat and sleep. Unexpectedly, this is a bad habit affecting their appearance. So breathe more or touch nature.

Noisy gas field environment

For example, the noisy, complicated and chaotic environment is a noisy atmosphere environment. If you stay here for a long time, it is a great killer affecting your appearance. It is difficult to be ugly if you stay in this environment for a long time. This complex aura greatly affects people's mood and Qi and blood.

A world of lights and wine

No matter men or women, being in such a drunken environment for a long time will make you more and more ugly. Being in alcohol, cigarettes and exciting music for a long time will also make people look vicissitudes, grow old and ugly.

Dark and humid place

If the living environment is too humid and dark, it is also a great harm to the skin. No matter what things are placed in a dark and humid place for a long time, they will deteriorate, not to mention people. People should be in a humid environment and absorb the sun in order to make their skin shiny and ruddy.

Therefore, home is also a key to the health of life. The environment will have a great impact on people. Therefore, in common places with beautiful mountains and rivers, people's skin color and appearance will usually be good and natural beauty.