Why do 12 constellation men associate with you but don't chase you

Men associate with you but don't pursue it? Because of busy work, that's the biggest General excuse. How do twelve constellations boys make mm tangle and wonder?

Why doesn't an Aries man chase you

1. Don't like you but need you

Aries men rarely choose to be ambiguous, but if they are hurt by love or fail to pursue someone, during the short healing period, most of them will choose people who like themselves to vent and revenge, and then embark on the journey of pursuit again. So mm to Aries, it's best not to like him first. Because in fact, sheep will make you think you just like him through hypocritical concealment and seduction.

2. Like to take advantage of self righteous misunderstandings

Aries is an extremely sensitive animal. If mm is kind and kind, it's best to take your & ldquo; OK & rdquo; Seal it firmly first, otherwise your behavior out of high moral character will be regarded as liked by animals, and then hunt you. For Aries, the first rule of good mm self-protection is to learn to be selfish. Otherwise you will be unfairly hurt.

Why doesn't Taurus chase you

1. Slow heat, test, observing

Many Taurus men are slow to love and like to pursue each other step by step with planning. When he first pursues you, he may choose not to move, or maybe just observe slowly. It's hard to say anything because I'm not sure. In addition, it reflects their reason and caution, because if you are wrong at this time, he can retreat.

2. I'm always dissatisfied with something about you

Taurus may be numb to you, but in fact, he knows it very well. If he is not satisfied with your appearance or family background, or your character makes him feel that he is not in line with his taste, he will not stay in place and release his pursuit. Because the premise of his pursuit is that he must first recognize the value of this pursuit.

Why don't Gemini men chase you

1. Play games and enjoy the fun of communication games

Gemini man hopes to enjoy the fun of love in the game of enemy advance, enemy retreat and enemy advance. This is his smooth performance. In fact, Gemini will be a gentleman to you at the beginning, but once you are attracted to him and show enthusiasm, he will begin to retreat. If you can pretend to be bigger, extend the time of being cheated, or keep silent when he retreats, he may be attracted by you to pursue you.

2. In the selection of flower centers

Love is a high-level game for Gemini men. In addition, their enthusiasm is usually not durable. And whether you become his last goal is the key. Maybe the Gemini man has already arranged the last breakthrough of multiple choices, so even if you are the focus of his contact at the moment, don't be happy too early, because maybe he makes a sudden 180 degree turn to establish others as a formal relationship.

Why doesn't Cancer man chase you

1. Think of the worst ahead

Cancer man had a bad idea long before he took action. Many disadvantages of being rejected made him retreat or stop. So his pursuit is either not to pursue at all, or just to be your friend, approach you from the side, take care of you, treat you well, and then don't give you formal confirmation and confession for a long time. But in fact, Cancer man's inner emotion is still very strong.

2. You haven't touched the point in his heart

Cancer man's affection for family, friendship and love is a very comfortable feeling of being concerned. In addition, he hopes that this concern can be expressed casually. He wants a warm and charming partner who can fascinate him. So the reason why he doesn't pursue is that he may not get the feeling he wants in you.

Why doesn't Lion Man chase you

1. Don't want to be too tired

Lions usually retain the demeanor of the king for the prelude of feelings. So even if he doesn't pursue you, he is based on multiple considerations. Especially your character can't make him feel too tired with you, because his previous feelings may have made him too tired. So when he experiences again, he may choose a relaxed mode.

2. Don't want to lose advantage

It should be noted that the lion man must give himself an advantage in the emotional struggle whether he pursues or not. That is, he must be the master or be asked and praised. If you easily let him get or don't know how to master the rhythm, he will be abandoned.

Why don't virgin men chase you

1. Careful precautions

Virgin men won't act easily until they can't fully understand each other's personality and strength. Although he was a little passive, he believed that this kind of picky and preparation on guard was foolproof. It's better than picking on him with all kinds of unfavorable language at the beginning of pursuing you.

2. Not ready

Virgins want to do things perfectly, not bankrupt the whole thing because of their mistakes. Therefore, before pursuing you, there may be no pursuit behavior that doesn't know you, such as blindly sending silk scarves to you when you don't know what you like. So his approach to you may be gradual at first, close to ordinary friends, so that you can hardly feel the pursuit. This is where there is room for decent retreat.

Why doesn't Libra chase you

1. I didn't expect to really pursue it

He will have a ruler in his heart and let him go half to half; Moderate & ldquo; Behavior. For example, when I call you, it's my price to call you first; Although I came to see you, it's at the cost of you giving me a birthday present. He always has a converter in his mind, which not only wants to make you feel comfortable, but also occupies a certain advantage.

2. Do not like, but do not refuse to be loved

Libra man's heart will define others' kindness to himself very strictly and perfectly. In addition, he is very good at discharging and controlling the discretion among his friends. In case he can't catch you, he won't suffer any loss. So once you move forward, maybe what you do is wrong and bad. If you don't move forward, he will discharge and & ldquo; you for a long time; Show love & rdquo;, It makes you confused about your position in his mind.

Why doesn't Scorpio man chase you

1. Conservative estimation and self betting

Scorpio man if the pursuit is very real, if he has not taken action, he may be conservatively estimating the worst result of your interaction and giving himself motivation. This thinking process is a bit like gambling. He is betting to see how much chance you have to win. If he fails, can he afford it.

2. I don't like it, but I don't want to hurt you

Scorpio doesn't want to waste time and energy thinking about people he doesn't like unless he needs someone too much to deal with pain and loneliness. But Scorpio will maintain a certain demeanor emotionally. He doesn't want to hurt you, so he doesn't pursue you.

Why doesn't Sagittarius man chase you

1. It's clear that I don't like you

Sagittarius is hardly ambiguous, or even ambiguous, like children playing games. It doesn't last at all. So 90% of the reason why he doesn't pursue you is because he doesn't like you. But there are exceptions because of interest. His life has many contents, and you are always only a part of them, so you may also be ignored by his focus on interest, or use this focus to test your meaning to him and then chase you.

2. Still waiting for better

Maybe he anticipates that he will not be satisfied with the joy of owning you, so he will continue to wait for better and more suitable goals. But you are also favored by more than 60% of him, so it may not be bad to have a person like you around first. Just pursue, he will have to think again and again, and it is difficult to move forward.

Why doesn't Capricorn man chase you

1. Full of worries

Capricorn man will think a lot. He will come up with a very safe way to deal with the interaction with each other. In fact, he will pursue it, but if your appearance, temperament, family, Beijing and language habits make him unable to feel, or make him feel that he can get benefits, he may not think of taking real action.

2. Evaluate the real value of the other party

Capricorn man in order to prevent the pursuit of you will cause losses, most of them will first estimate your value in the wait-and-see. For example, how much does it cost to treat you to a meal? Can he afford it? Can you make him achieve the desired effect? What step should he take.

Why doesn't Aquarius man chase you

1. There is no pursuit in his concept

It's not easy to produce & ldquo; in the words of water bottle; Pursue & rdquo; Or & ldquo; Do not pursue & rdquo; Because he will look at the relationship with people objectively and transparently. Even the opposite sex usually starts with friends. His likes and dislikes are based on whether he fits in or not. In short, he will try to put & ldquo; Pursue & rdquo; Submerged in communication, even if we take the initiative, we are interlinked.

2. Do not want to destroy the due interpersonal harmony

Aquarius doesn't want friendship to turn into love and then into injury. In the end, we can't even be friends. Maybe we have to become villains. So he will try to look at all this with detachment. However, if the other party is too nervous or the language interferes too much, the bottle will play a small trick.

Why don't you chase Pisces

1. I hope the other party will catch up

A large part of Pisces man's feelings come from feeling and being protected. Therefore, when he is ambiguous or has no trend, he mostly expects the other party's initiative to confirm his confidence in developing a relationship. Just mm, don't think so, because it will only make him worry about you a lot. So in the face of such a man, it's best to skim the water and always shine at a distance.

2. Consider avoiding painful feelings

Fish man doesn't want love to make him painful. They will think about what to do first to be the most comfortable and appropriate. Of course, they will make each other feel so at first. However, these may be mixed with a lot of stinginess, especially for the experienced group.