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Why constellation men do not pursue you who are contacting with you?

Men associate with you but not to pursue? It's because of busy work, it is the largest general-purpose excuse. How do constellation mean make you tangled and wondered?

The reason for Aries male not pursue you

1. not like you, but need you

Aries men rarely behave ambiguous, but if they're hurt by feelings, or failed in pursuing someone, in a short healing period, the wayward Aries men will probably choose people who like them to vent and revenge, and then re-embark pursuit of love. So you'd better not like Aries firstly, because they would rather seduce you thinking that you like them through the hypocritical disguise.

2. get the upper hand with a self-righteous misunderstanding

Aries men are extremely sensitive animals, if you are very kind and good-hearted, it is best to seal your "goodness" firmly, or you will be hurt by them. Toward Aries, the first self-protection for you is to learn to be selfish. Otherwise, you will be treated extremely unfair.

The reason for Taurus male not pursue you 

1. Slow, tentative, watching

The Taurus male feelings is slow, and like planning step-by-step to the pursuit of each other. He began to pursue you may choose no trends, perhaps just to observe carefully. Also in doubt, it is difficult to represent. In addition, this reflects the reasonable and prudent, because if you do something wrong at this time he can retreat.

2. unsatisfied with you in some aspects

Taurus may be Wood, but in fact his heart is quite clear. If not for your looks or family background conditions is not satisfied, or your personality allowed him to also do not think it palatable, he is not standing still, does not release the pursuit. Because he paid the premise of the pursuit, he must first recognize the value of this pursuit.

The reason for Gemini male not pursue you 

1. play game and enjoy the fun of the communication game

Gemini men hope in the enemy advances, we retreat the enemy retreats me into the game, enjoy the love of fun, which is his sleek performance. In fact, Gemini at the beginning or you will be full of gentleman, but once you have been attracted to him and have the enthusiasm performance, he will begin to retreat. If you can pretend to be large, the time taken in extending, or remain silent in his retreat, he may also be attracted to you come back to the pursuit of you.

2. in fickle selection

Love in the male twin was a first senior game, in addition to their enthusiasm usually not durable. You to be his last chase the target is the key. Xu Shuangzai male long cloth good multiple-choice final breakthrough Board, so even if you immediately contact him focus and do not happy too early, because maybe he suddenly a 180-degree turn to others to establish official relations is not necessarily.

The reason for Cancer male not pursue you 

1. think of  the worst outcome ahead

Cancer men in action before long sprouted a very bad idea, let him retreat rejected many unfavorable or stalled. His pursuit either simply do not pursue either just do your friends from the side close to you, take care of you, hello, and then a long time do not give you a formal confirmation and confession. In fact, Cancer men inner emotional crest is still very powerful.

2. you haven't touched his inner heart

Cancer men moved the family friendship love is a very comfortable feeling of concern, In addition, he hoped that this concern comes naturally expressed in inadvertently. He expressed the hope that a warm, pleasant and makes him fascinating companion. So he did not pursue the reason for this is likely to want to feel in your body have not yet received.

The reason for Leo male not pursue you 

1. do not want to be too tired

The Leo is usually still be interested in the feelings of the prelude to the king should demeanor reserved. So even if he does not pursue you, also based on multiple considerations. Especially your character can not make him feel tired, and you may have because of his former feelings he was too tired. So, when he again experienced may choose a relaxed mode.

2. do not want to lose the advantage

It should be noted that, the male lion Whether pursuit pursuit must make his own feelings wrestling advantage. That he must master is evaluated, praise. If you are easily convinced he got or do not know how to set the pace, it certainly will be discarded.

The reason for Virgo male not pursue you 

1. careful preparation

Not fully understand each other's men and strength, virgin male is not easily act. Although with some passive, but he thinks this is the preparedness picky and foolproof. Better than I began to pursue you to the unfavorable language to find fault with him stronger.

2. unready

Virgo men hope to make things perfect, not because of their own mistakes, let the whole thing go bankrupt. Therefore, before the pursuit of you, you may not have the pursuit of behavior you do not understand, for example, do not know what you like blindly send the scarf to you. Him close to you may just be gradual near-normal friend, so you almost feel pursuit. This is also decent room for retreat where.

The reason for Libra male not pursue you 

1. not think of pursuing really

He was a ruler, so he went 50-50 "moderate" behavior. For example, while I call to you, but to dating when you come from where I nearly consideration; although I see you, but you sent me a birthday present for consideration. His mind at all times there will be a converter, both want to make you feel comfortable, but also occupy a certain advantage.

2. do not like, but do not refuse to be loved

In Libra men's heart will others is very demanding for their own good definition of perfect, coupled with his discharge and master measured in friends, not in case fans he is not nothing to lose. Once you move forward, may you how to do are wrong, not good. If you do not move forward, he will long for your discharge and affection, so you could not tell you in his mind.

The reason for Scorpio male not pursue you 

1. estimate firstly and conservatively, then make self-bet

Scorpio man if the pursuit is very real, and if he has not taken any action, he may be in a conservative estimate of the worst effects of interacting with you guys and to their own power. This thought process is a bit like gambling, he bet, take a look at how to pursue your chance of success, if it fails him not afford.

2. do not like, but do not want to hurt you

Unless they too need a person to resolve the pain and loneliness, or the scorpion is not like people do not want to waste time and energy to consider. However, the emotional, the scorpion will maintain a certain demeanor, he did not want to hurt your fishes you do not pursue.

The reason for Sagittarius male not pursue you 

1. clearly do not like you

Sagittarius is hardly ambiguous or even ambiguous play the game like a child, not lasting. So he does not pursue you 90% may be because they do not like. But there are exceptions, as interest dictates. His life has a lot of content, but you can never just one part, so you may also be the focus of his interest overlooked or just tempt you what he meant with the help of this focus and then start chasing you.

2. wait for better

May be expected to have your joy can not be met, so he will continue to wait for a better, more suitable for the target. Just you 60% more than he took a fancy to, so first you placed in such a personal side may not be bad, but the pursuit, he will repeatedly considered difficult to move forward.

The reason for Capricorn male not pursue you 

1. full of misgivings

Capricorn male will consider, he would come up with a very appropriate way to deal with the interaction with each other. In fact, he will pursue, but if your looks, temperament, family and language habits so that he can not feel or do not let him think it was affordable, he may not think to really take action.

2. assess the value of each other's reality

Capricorn male in order to prevent the pursuit of your loss, most will estimate the value of your first wait and see. For example, you eat a meal how much it costs, and these, he is not affordable, you are not allow him to achieve the desired effect, he should do what step.

The reason for Aquarius male not pursue you 

1. His concept has no this word of "pursue"

Will not be easy to produce water bottles words "pursuit" or "do not pursue" ideas, because he would be an objective look at the relationship between people and very accessible. Even the opposite sex, will generally start with a friend to start. He liked and did not like the tendency is to establish on the basis of whether the appeals. In short, he will try to drown "the pursuit of exchanges, even if the initiative is also mind the same.

2. do not want to undermine the due interpersonal harmony

The Aquarius really do not want friendship into love and then into harm the end, we even friends do not, they might also become the villain. So he will try to think about all this transcendent vision. But if forced too nervous or too language interference, the bottle will get bad.

The reason for Pisces male not pursue you 

1. wish to be pursued by the other

Pisces men's feelings in large part from the feelings and to be protected. So when his ambiguous or nothing Trends, most look forward to each other's initiative to confirm the self-confidence of the development of a relationship. But MM do not thinking that it would rely on the past, because this will only make you a lot of concerns. So in the face of such a man best superficial, there is always a distance shining.

2. consider to avoid the painful feeling

The Pisces men did not want to love their own pain, they will absolutely first thought about how to do to be the most comfortable and most appropriate. Of course, they also make each other feel so. However, these may be adulterated not pay stingy, especially for experienced group.